‘GMA’ Host Michael Strahan’s Hilarious Reason He ‘Unfortunately’ Can’t Bring Kevin Hart to Space

by Josh Lanier

You must be this tall to ride this rocket. Michael Strahan said he’d love to take comedian Kevin Hart with him into space, but it would be a safety violation. The NFL Hall of Famer will blast off into space on Dec. 9 aboard the next Blue Origin rocket launch on Dec. 9.

The Good Morning America host announced this week that he would add another title to his ever-growing resume. He’ll become an astronaut. Strahan follows William Shatner as the next entertainer to lift off from the planet and see the whole of humanity.

His former teammate Eli Manning asked if he could pull some strings to get the pint-sized Kevin Hart aboard the rocket. Strahan joked that he’d love to, but, unfortunately, Hart isn’t tall enough to go into space.

Hart could probably fit in the overhead bin, though. Do rockets have storage?

Michael Strahan’s fans dog-piled on the comedian in the comments.

“Guessing they don’t make kids seat for space flight yet, huh?” one person posted. “They say you grow in space due to lack of gravity. Worth a shot,” someone else joked.

This wasn’t unprovoked. Michael Strahan was responding to an attack from Kevin Hart while on The Eli Manning Show on YouTube. Manning asked the comedian what he thought about New York retiring Strahan’s number this weekend, and Hart joked he didn’t know why the team would consider it.

“I hear you saying (the Giants) are retiring Strahan’s jersey. I’m a little confused as to why,” he said, cracking up Manning. “I’m not sure what the big hype is there unless it’s celebrating the gap in somebody’s mouth… Or which lineman turned into the best talk show host. I don’t know what his jersey has to do with greatness.”

Michael Strahan: I Hope Fans Boo When Giants Retire My Jersey

Michael Strahan told the New York Post that doesn’t know what took so long to retire his number. The league enshrined the single-season sack leader into the Hall of Fame in 2014. And the Giants added him to the team’s Ring of Honor in 2010. But he said it was worth the wait.

“I would have honestly expected it a long time ago,” Strahan said. “I’ve been in the [Pro Football] Hall of Fame for seven years now. All of the things that I did with the Giants, I would have expected it a little bit sooner.

“But things come in the time in which they’re meant to come and not at the time in which you want them to come sometimes. That’s the way I’m looking at it. I don’t want it to look as if I’m ungrateful or I’m not honored by it, because I truly am.”

The Giants will retire his jersey on Sunday when the team faces off against conference rivals Philadelphia. Eagles fans are famous for being mean to players they don’t like. Strahan hopes they boo him during the ceremony.

“The Giants could retire my jersey in Philly. It doesn’t bother me,” Strahan said. “I’m used to Eagles fans. If there are Eagles fans there booing, that’s what I want them to do because if they are not booing, it means I wasn’t very good at my job.