‘GMA’ Host Michael Strahan Shows Off Gear He’ll Be Wearing for Trip to Space

by Jonathan Howard

Michael Strahan is looking to complete the voyage to space with Blue Origin. The GMA host is all suited up and ready to go for Thursday.

These billionaire space flights are becoming a regular occurrence. We saw Jeff Besoz take off on the first one what seems like just yesterday. Then there was the flight that featured William Shatner. Well, on Thursday Strahan looks to be the next famous person to space.

From the gridiron to the news desk, and now off to space. Strahan has lived what seems like multiple lives at just the age of 50. He has won a Super Bowl and now he will go to the edge of outer space. Which do you think he will cherish more after Thursday’s flight?

Well, the GMA host looks ready and posted to his Instagram to show off his new gear. Check it out below.

Strahan’s post says, “Suited and booted in my new @blueorigin astronaut suit!! Getting ready for our launch to space this Thursday! More about our journey tomorrow morning on @goodmorningamerica! #StrayAndBeyond #NewShepard.”

Needless to say, it seems that the morning news host is excited about his trip. Who wouldn’t be? Of course, he got a lot of support in the replies to the post. Friends and fans and colleagues alike commented on the photos that he shared. Now, how do you get a 6 foot 5 inches tall, 255-pound man into one of those small pods? Did Blue Origin have to build a bigger pod for this trip?

As for what makes the GMA host more nervous? He says it’s not even a choice between football and flying to space.

‘GMA’ Michael Strahan More Nervous About Football Than Space Trip

Michael Strahan took the time to talk about his space trip. Like I said before, he has lived quite a life and the NFL Hall of Famer had some things to say about the upcoming trip. While he has a big moment coming up on Thursday, he isn’t too nervous. At least not compared to his Super Bowl game.

“I’m excited,” the GMA host explained. “I am more nervous talking about football today than I am about going to outer space. I’m looking forward to it. …It’s going to be epic, that’s how I describe it. It’s something you think about as a kid, but now it’s going to happen. [The opportunity is] mind-blowing, to be honest with you.”

Strahan is just leaving it to the experts. He says, “Everyone involved is a lot smarter than I am. I’m more nervous getting into the ocean because there are sharks there. I would never jump out of a plane and skydive. I’m not going to bungee jump, but I’m going to go to space.”

So, now we wait to see the GMA personality take the same flight Shattner and others have already taken.