‘Godfather’ 50th Anniversary Poster Is All Kinds of Epic

by Chase Thomas

You won’t find as many films as highly regarded as The Godfather trilogy. It still is one of the most popular trilogies in American cinema. What’s fascinating, though, is how long it has been since it all began. Yes, it’s the 50th anniversary of the movie that started it all. With that in mind, this Godfather 50th anniversary poster is all kinds of epic.

In a new tweet, THR revealed there is a new poster for the film and it is as cool as ever. The graphics are filled with gold and every big-time character is seen on the poster.

Fans loved THR sharing the new poster. One fan wrote, “Absolute fave movie ever.”

Another fan wrote, “I can hear the theme song from this poster.”

Al Pacino of ‘The Godfather’

It’s hard to say which of Pacino’s roles over the years was his most iconic. However, if you were to say it was Michael in The Godfather not a lot of folks would disagree with you. Yes, Pacino was excellent in the role and still loves to talk about his time on the films today.

However, how did he have a lot of luck throughout his career? In an interview with his longtime friend Robert De Niro and GQ, he spoke at length about that. He had a lot of iconic roles, but success is sometimes hard to quantify and it varies from person to person.

Pacino told GQ, “It’s a combination of luck and other things. Let’s face it. Just something as simple as being at the right time, the right place. I mean, to come out of the ’70s, when our kind of actor was following the way paved by Brando and Dean and Newman and all these great people back then who opened the door for a lot of people like us.”

A lot of luck is involved. Pacino is humble about how it all worked out for him in Hollywood. He knows that it’s a tough thing to make it all work and he made it all work thanks to the guys before him like Brando and Dean, who he sites in the interview.

He continued, “And Scorsese and Coppola and Spielberg and Lumet and these people—they were all around then. And Lucas and De Palma. This was a period at that time when film was flourishing. It was different than the time before it, I think. Not better or worse, mind you. It was different. And I think that there was a new kind of person out there, in that period.”

Pacino earned his spot, but he also found the right directors at the right time. Everything worked out because of the combination of luck and skill.