‘Gold Rush’ Star Brennan Ruault Shares Stunning Photos of a Morning on the Job

by Joe Rutland

When you get some photos like these from Gold Rush star Brennan Ruault, then you have to share them with the world. He does that.

Let’s take a look and see what Ruault has in these pictures.

It appears that fans of him and the show were definitely feeling the love from these morning photos.

One writes: “You’re having too much fun lol @goldrushbrennan”.

This Gold Rush fan says, “What a beautiful pictures Brennan. It looks like you are working hard this off season from Gold mining.”

We have these messages from a couple of fans who know about the logging business. One writes: “Sunrise= sawtime.” Then this one says, “Great Brennan! From a logger in Norway”. And a final one in this set: “Farmin trees. Miss it somedays”.

Seems that some fans are interested in what Brennan is doing far beyond gold mining.

Gold Rush continues to be a popular reality show. Watching Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and others go for their gold always is worth watching.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Talks About Major ‘Problem’ Facing Team

People who have watched Gold Rush for a long time know that Parker Schnabel has been one of the mainstays on it.

But things don’t always go according to plan and Schnabel does face his moments and times of stress.

One thing that he cannot do is really make more gold appear.

He would love to have that magical power, too.

Problems do seem to be around equipment and machinery breaking down.

What is the big issue for him? It is finding more land to dig gold out of right now. The Klondike has been kind. It has made him and his crew a lot of money.

Schnabel is looking to Alaska as his new frontier. In an episode of the show, he says that “the problem is we’re running out of ground to mine.” Check out the video posted on Twitter.

There is no doubt that Schnabel loves Alaska. This is where he really has taken his lessons and turned them into, well, gold.

But things appear to be getting crowded. The lease that Schnabel has with Tony Beets isn’t working out how he hoped. Schnabel is going to find a way to make things work. He is one of the most industrial captains out there in the mines. If anyone can turn a challenge into a triumph, then it is Schnabel.

Watching him work all these years has brought him great wealth and a lot of fans. Gold Rush might not be as successful without his participation. We did say might, Outsiders.