‘Gold Rush’ Cast Members Are Required To Say the Word ‘Gold’ As Much As Possible

by Maria Hartfield

Discovery’s hit reality series Gold Rush is heading into its twelfth season not to mention its five spinoff shows. The gold mining thriller follows the lives of miners in various locations as they head north in pursuit of gold.

Gold Rush‘s mining crews are located all over North America including Alaska, Colorado, and Canada’s Yukon region. Each new season introduces new miners, new machines, and the like. The competition seems to only be getting thicker with the stakes higher than ever. Fans get a firsthand look at what it takes to be a miner including the day-to-day work and presumably high payoffs.

The series dedicated fanbase tunes in for a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at mining company rules and pay rates. Not to mention, an up-close and personal glance into the lives of the crews. Mostly made up of families, it’s no wonder the mining crews are always facing some kind of costar drama. With all of the show’s emotional turmoil, some fans wonder why certain cast members left the show.

There’s one surprising fact that some avid Gold Rush watchers may not be aware of yet. Apparently, producers of the show require cast members to say “gold” as many times as they can when on camera.

Thow remains centered around the notorious hunt for gold. But, some fans may have caught on to the one word repeated constantly throughout the series.

A 2020 article by TheThings revealed this is an actual requirement by the show’s producers and executives.

Professional miners come with their own set of industry terms when referring to the treasure. This includes words such as “color” and “mother lode.” However, producers of the Gold Rush empire have forbidden cast members from using any phrase outside of “gold” regardless of the miner and non-miner jargon.

It’s still a mystery as to why the requirement calls for the specific use of the word “gold.” Perhaps it’s to widen the broadcast’s audience reach, or maybe it’s to remove any misunderstanding by outside miners and non-miners alike.

Even though the days of inspired gold diggers expecting to get rich are pretty much over. Avid watchers of the show are eager for its return. Lucky for us, there are still a few brave souls out there who won’t stop until they’ve reached their goal of finding any gold left on the Earth.

Gold Rush has kept audiences on their toes following these miners for 12 seasons with no evidence of slowing down. As season 12 comes to an end, Gold Rush followers are on the edge of their seats dying to know if there will be a season 13. With no official announcement of a new season, the show’s overall success hints this may not be the end just yet.