‘Gold Rush’: Could Todd Hoffman Return to the Original Series

by Thad Mitchell

Now with 12 full seasons under its belt, “Gold Rush,” a Discovery Channel series, continues growing its already large fan base.

“Gold Rush” see individuals and teams doing exactly what the title of the show implies — rushing for gold. Miners from all over the world share their lives with viewers at home and they try to strike gold — both literally and figuratively. The precious, shiny medal isn’t easy to find, which gives the show its premise. But, if you do happen up upon a stash of unearthed gold, you can become a very rich person very fast. The goal of obtaining riches is what keeps these miners working long hours or manual labor that can be very taxing. Striking gold makes all of the hard work well worth it as “Gold Rush” shows us the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in the mining industry.

One of the most interesting characters to appear on “Gold Rush” is Todd Hoffman. At 52 years old, Todd Hoffman is a legendary figure in the gold mining business. But, Hoffman left “Gold Rush” a couple of years ago and the show hasn’t been the same without him. His last mining operation back in 2018 did not go so well but he is ready to get back into the “Gold Rush” life. Hoffman is a second-generation gold digger as his father, Jack, was also a participant in the hunt for gold. While his father never struck it rich, Hoffman will look to reverse the family’s luck with his own spinoff show. The series, which will also air on the Discovery Channel, is called “Hoffman Family Gold.”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Todd Hoffman Returns With New Spinoff

The former “Gold Rush” star will partner with reality television giant, Pilgrim Media, on the new series. Pilgrim has produced a number of popular reality shows over the last decade and will now team with the Hoffman family. Some of their most notable projects include Wicked Tuna, Fast N’ Loud, Street Outlaws, The Ultimate Fighter and Orange County Choppers. It is safe to say that Pilgrim has had a ton of success in the reality television arena.

In a press release, the Discovery Channel lays out what is on tap for the “Gold Rush” spinoff series.

“After ending a checkered mining season in Colorado in 2018, Todd is ready to get back in the game. He’s emptying his life savings with the hope to turn around a distressed mine located nearly 100 miles north of Nome, Alaska. An old mining partner has invested in the nearly 2,500 acres of rugged land.”

As “Gold Rush” fans know, mining gold operations in Alaska is a high-stakes proposition not for the faint of heart. Fans hope the Hoffman family will find their way and strike it rick in their new show