‘Gold Rush’ Has To Get Creative To Pull Out a ‘Chunky Boulder’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

On Thursday afternoon, Gold Rush shared a clip of a crew having to get creative to pull out a huge boulder, but it looks like it’ll be worth the trouble.

The promotional clip gives fans a sneak peek at Friday’s brand new episode of Gold Rush: White Water. During the episode, the crew is trying to pull out a large boulder that’s stuck in the white water rapids of McKinley Creek in Alaska. As if gold mining isn’t tough enough on land, mining underwater presents a whole other set of challenges.

In this case, the boulder is too big for the team’s wench to pull it out. Therefore the crew is attempting to crack the large rock into smaller boulders so it’s easier to deal with. In fact, a crew member in dive gear already found two pickers lying under the boulder, which excites the team.

A picker is a term in mining that has to do with the size of a piece of gold. A flake or fleck is anything you have to wet your finger to pick up. A picker is slightly larger and can be picked up without having to wet your finger. However, a picker isn’t large enough to be considered a full nugget. It’s a great sign that the boulder the Gold Rush team is trying to extract is packed with gold.

The gold miners are so excited about the boulder that they think it could be their biggest day ever on the job. At the end of the clip, it shows the team setting charges to crack the boulder. Their idea works, and the huge boulder is cracked in half. The team can now use a wench to remove the boulder much easier from the running waters of the Alaskan creek.

‘Gold Rush’ Crew Breaks Out a ‘Super Claw’ to Get the Job Done

This isn’t the first time the Gold Rush: White Water crew has had to get creative. Season 5 of the spinoff series is well underway, and last month the team needed some extra help to get the job done.

Gold Rush: White Water star Wes Richardson manufactured a unique piece of equipment to help his crew accomplish their task. McKinley Creek’s rushing waters are constantly flowing over large rocks. In order to remove the huge stones, the “Dakota Boys” crew need to come up with a new tactic. The rocks have been smoothed over from years of water running over them. That’s why Richardson created a “Super Claw” to deal with the smooth rocks.

The unique machine looks similar to a jumbo-sized claw machine game. But instead of pinchers used to grab a toy, the Super Claw is circular so it can fit around the large smooth rocks. Even though the crew struggled at first, the machine works to perfection.

“The Super Claw works exactly like it’s supposed to,” Wes says to the camera. “It’s easier for the diver to open it up under the water. It works really well.”