‘Gold Rush’ Crew Face a Bear and a String of Bad Luck in Crazy New Video

by Amy Myers

If there was one word to describe star Todd Hoffman’s experience on Gold Rush, it would have to be chaotic. From risky financial decisions to brawls between coworkers, the mine boss always seemed to have his hands full with some sort of issue at the mine site. Now that he’s returned to the franchise, things are no different from before. From the looks of a new clip from the show, there are just as many disagreements, lost wages and headaches – if not more.

In a snippet from Hoffman’s new spinoff series, The Dirt: The Hoffman Story, he and his father describe their most recent mining season with few good words to say. The clip showed malfunctioning equipment, fighting coworkers, a frustrated mine boss and, oh yeah, a big ole bear. Hopefully, despite all the complications he faced in his most recent season, he has a little gold to show for it.

Check out all of the chaos the Gold Rush family had to deal with in the clip below.

Jack Hoffman, father of Todd, had to agree that this past season was turbulent.

“Every last thing went wrong,” the Gold Rush father admitted. “There wasn’t anything that didn’t go wrong.”

On his left, Todd Hoffman likened his return to the show to a “really, really bad, drunk family reunion” that “lasted all summer.”

That doesn’t sound too good.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Todd Hoffman Returns After Pursuing Musical Career

Originally, Hoffman left Gold Rush back in Season 8 to pursue a new passion of his – singing. Unbeknownst to many fans and fellow stars, Hoffman happened to be a talented vocalist with a powerful tenor voice that could fill a whole stadium. After he realized he wasn’t becoming all that successful in mining, the Gold Rush star instead tried his hand in the music industry.

“I’m actually starting to get some serious offers. Laugh if you want,” Hoffman said at the time of his departure. “Who knows? Stranger things have happened. I want to break it big. I want to hit it out of the park.”

Rather than laughing, though, Hoffman’s co-stars worried that the miner was once again taking too big of risk without thinking of the repercussions.

“Todd is a dreamer. He sets goals that are way too big sometimes,” said fellow Gold Rush star Freddy Dodge. “But that’s what dreamers do.”

Besides earning millions of views on YouTube for his covers, Hoffman also founded a television production company, Zum Media. However, after a few years of singing and managing the company, the Gold Rush star ultimately still felt the pull of the mine.

Here’s hoping his second shot in the mining industry is more fruitful than his first.