‘Gold Rush’ Crew Gets Their Hands Dirty, Eliminating Studio

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

On the hit Discovery Channel series “Gold Rush,” the name of the game is sorting through tons of earth to find gold.

It sounds simple enough but the practice of gold mining is anything but simple as the crew will tell you. A fan favorite and mainstay on the show is expert gold miner Parker Schnabel. Parker and his team have struck gold on plenty of occasions and raked in big money from their mining exploits. Schnabel is so popular on the show that he got his own spinoff series call “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail,” on the Discovery Channel. The reality star has gold mining in his blood and he’s been doing it since a very early age. He worked at his grandfather’s gold mine for years before going out on his own. He began operating machinery and learning the mining trade as far back as he can remember.

It has all paid off quite nicely for the reality star who has made millions during his mining days. he now has his own team that is one of the crews that “Gold Rush” follows. In a recent preview of an upcoming episode, it appears some changes are going to be made.

“No more studio….ever,” the post says. The Dirt has an all-new look starting this Friday after ‘Gold Rush’ and the season premiere of ‘Gold Rush: White Water.'”

Fans of “Gold Rush” can’t wait to see what Parker and his crew are up to on the new episode on Friday. The Discovery Channel will also be premiering its latest spinoff, “Gold Rush: White Water. We also get to meet Parker’s dog, dozer, who gets a little camera time in the preview on the clip and presumably the new episode.

‘Gold Rush’ Maven Parker Schnabel and Crew Are Back

Parker took the reins of his grandfather’s “Big Nugget” operation at just 16 years old. While many of his crew members were much older than him, he proved his worth by uncovering loads of the shiny, yellow metal.

Parker became a favorite of “Gold Rush” in the fourth season when he used his college fund to form his own crew. He quickly showed off his skills by unearthing more than 1,000 ounces of gold in the Klondike.

His gold-digging empire continued its upward trend a few seasons ago when he and his crew took in an astonishing 4,000 ounces of gold. He entrusted his right-hand man Rick Ness with a second operation in order to discover even more gold. Ness would go on to also become a “Gold Rush” star.

Parker and his crew are back once again hoping for another successful season. “Gold Rush” fans are rooting for his success and the success of his team.