‘Gold Rush’ Crew Once Got in a Wreck on the Middle of a Dig Site

by Shelby Scott

Discovery’s “Gold Rush” crew have gained fame for their tenacity in pursuing Earth’s riches in the most extreme environments under the most intense conditions. Fans of the hit show have watched close-call after close-call, crew members often coming much too close to near-disaster.

However, amid all of the hardships and obstacles, the “Gold Rush” crews face, few beat a 2019 disaster. The earlier wreck injures one of the show’s film crew members and the footage is gut-wrenching. Check out the harrowing clip below.

This particular episode of “Gold Rush” captures star Rick Ness working his crew under intense pressure. The miners attempt to battle freezing placer deposits. At the beginning of the snippet, the work becomes so dangerous, Ness sends off the film crew. They then take to the air to record the miners in action.

The aerial crew captures a flurry of activity. Ness’s team rapidly converges on the deposit, moving quickly to collect their payload. However, despite Ness’s instructions for the film crew to leave the scene, apparently, not all the non-miners evacuated. Soon enough, slick conditions lead to a collision between two of the trucks and the outcome is far from ideal.

No doubt, the sound of the massive vehicles colliding is enough to bring audience members to the edge of their seats. However, one camera captures the moment miner Ben exclaims, “Oh, she just hit the truck.” The comment comes right after we watch the vulnerable crew member flailing outside the back window of Zee’s vehicle.

Per Ben, one of the crew members, Freya, had been standing on top of the truck placing a GoPro on the dump box during the collision. Fortunately, Freya walks away with a medic, sustaining only a cut above her eye. However, the encounter does highlight the dangers of working as a “Gold Rush” miner.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Maintains Pretty Pricey Equipment

Fortunately for Ness and his team, none of them miners were injured. As for the film crew member, Freya, she walked away from the accident the worse for wear. Additionally, Ness pointed out, “I don’t give a sh** about the truck, I’m just glad everyone’s okay.”

Nevertheless, Ness would have had to pay out some hefty funds to repair the vehicle’s damage. And, based on insight gained from “Gold Rush” star Tony Beets, those repairs, and new vehicles overall, do not come cheap.

Greater riches is obviously the goal of Discovery’s famous miners. Although, Beets previously revealed that much of his income goes right back into maintaining his business and the equipment necessary to get the job done.

Following the miner’s latest investments Beets dropped an incredibly hefty sum of $7 million in maintaining and updating his equipment, a total many of us will surely never see in our lifetime.

Regardless, beets didn’t seem too concerned about the insane amount of money he dropped on new mining equipment. After all, he’s the richest miner of the “Gold Rush” crews and has the reputation and resources to build that total back up.

“We have enough ground that we can back that total up,” he shared. Simply put, “We have use for that equipment.” All I have to say is I sure hope so.