‘Gold Rush’ Crew Put Lives on the Line Trying to Find Riches

by Chris Haney

During the newest episode of Gold Rush, mining boss Parker Schnabel‘s crew puts their life on the line to get Big Red set up and working in a different location.

Fans of the hit Discovery Channel show know there’s plenty of riches to be made in the Klondikes. But there’s also plenty of danger as the stars of the show mine for gold. And in some cases, danger is a necessary byproduct of their profession.

For example, in the new episode from Season 12, Gold Rush miner Parker Schnabel is down to one wash plant. “Big Red,” as they call the enormous piece of mining equipment, helps filter and wash down the grains to acquire black sand and heavy mineral bits. During one segment of the show, the crew needs to move Big Red, but there’s an issue. They also need to level out Big Red’s sluice run.

That’s when Schnabel’s gold mining crew risks their lives to move the huge equipment. In fact, they only have to move it an inch, but the men must go underneath the machine to do so.

In a clip from the show, it shows the crew moving the heavy equipment in place. They’re pleased with their work at first, but then Schnabel comes along and shuts the whole thing down. Schnabel notices that the sluice run is bent and not working properly. So the crew takes action by getting under the gigantic equipment and leveling it out for more efficient gold extraction. One slip while using a large jack on the equipment, and it could’ve been the end for anyone working beneath it.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Reveals if He Has Any Regrets from Time on Show

Gold Rush Season 12 is currently underway as it made its return to television in recent weeks. The popular reality TV show about gold miners in the Yukon has captured viewers’ interest for years now. During a recent interview, one Yukon mining legend Tony Beets revealed his regrets that stem from appearing on the show since Season 2.

Beets brought decades of experience to Gold Rush when he joined the cast in the second season. There’s a reason he’s well-known as the King of the Klondike. Beets has been in the mining business for years, but could’ve never known that he’d become a reality TV star. While speaking with Looper last month, the outlet asked Beets about any regrets he may have since joining the show.

“I don’t have regrets. So whenever I do something of this nature, I don’t know, I don’t regret,” the Gold Rush star said. “No stress, right? It’s smooth sailing. Smooth sailing for this lucky guy, I suppose.”

On the surface, that seems like the ideal way to view things. But fans of the show know that Beets and every other miner deals with plenty of stressful situations. It simply comes with the territory. Look no further than Parker Schnabel‘s issue with Big Red as previously mentioned.

Gold mining is frequently the exact opposite of smooth sailing. However, thankfully for Beets, Schnabel, and the other miners, their crews tend to strike it rich more often than not. We’d assume that helps tone down the stress of the job.