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‘Gold Rush’: The Crew Takes on ‘Unexpected Damage’ in Intense New Preview of Tonight’s Episode

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Ricardo Funari/Brazil Photos/LightRocket via Getty Images)

It’s not too often that we see Gold Rush star Tony Beets struggle to make his season goal, but this time around, he’s dealt with some serious trouble. Over the past few months, Beets has dealt with problems with land claims and machine malfunctions. And now, he has to add one more repair to his to-do list.

The day seemed to be starting out fine after Beets promoted crew member Brandon Carr to a new position on the site. Soon enough, though, Carr had to call in a huge hole in the sluice, and already, Beets knew that this meant more trouble for them. For every minute that they weren’t sluicing, they were losing money. Six hours into the fix, Beets already lost $10,000.

“The amount of money it costs when you’re down, I mean, you’re still spending and you’re not making, so it pretty much goes double up,” the Gold Rush boss explained. “It adds up quickly.”

Take a look at the damage in the clip below.

‘Gold Rush’ Crew Member Shares What It’s Like Working for Tony Beets

Recently, Beets promoted Carr to loading the wash plant in which he can sit comfortably in an excavator while loading the paydirt into the sluice. Even though the job is a bit less arduous than other tasks (like loading rock trucks or digging ponds), it does require careful precision. That’s why Beets only trusted the job to Carr when he was confident that the crew member was ready.

Happy to be in a position with more responsibility, Carr spoke about how much he liked working for his Gold Rush boss.

“Tony’s an awesome boss,” the crew member gushed. “Put it this way, if he likes you, you’re treated awesome, as long as you don’t do no stupid mistakes.”

Of course, as fans know, Beets isn’t one to hide his emotions. If he’s angry, he’ll surely let you know. The angrier he gets, the more curse words he uses and the more sensory beeps we hear on the show. But for as short-fused as Beets is, he’s also quite practical. He doesn’t see the sense in holding a grudge and takes swift action when necessary. It’s because of these qualities that make Beets such a successful contender on Gold Rush, but to some, this might come off as intimidating.

That’s why some of Beets’ best crew members are his own children. After all, who else could communicate better with their father than those that have lived with them all their lives?

Still, Carr is a valued member of the team and because of his cautious yet confident actions, he’s become a permanent part of the Gold Rush crew – just as long as he doesn’t damage any equipment.