‘Gold Rush’: Dave Stumbled Across a Hidden Claim That May be Worth Millions

by Jonathan Howard

Dave Turin of Turin Mining has been trying to find pay dirt on Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune. Digging in the cold and snow, he finds a claim that looks promising.

If the claim pans out how it should, Dave could be making millions. Alaska and the Yukon can be bountiful areas. However, Turin Mining is headed to Idaho. The trick is finding spots that the old-time miners were unable to dig out. If they can find a pot that hasn’t been cleaned out too much, they have a payday coming their way. However, things aren’t always as easy as it seems.

With just three test holes, the chances to strike gold are low. There is a lot of land out there, and a lot of mining has occurred in the region over the last 150 years or so. In order to make the next season successful, the wintery offseason is where it begins. Check out this video below showing Turin Mining. Gold Rush continues to bring new surprises.

Jason lets Dave know that he has the go-ahead to dig three test sites. Those three holes are so important. If they pick the wrong sections of the island, then they could be left with little or no gold. That just isn’t going to cut it. During the video, Jason digs and Juan sets up the processing equipment. The first hole was a success! A few gold flakes in the first sample, and hopefully more to come.

However, the second site was not as promising. When they got into the dirt, it was just the “tails.” It had been worked in the past and there was likely not going to be any gold for these Gold Rush stars available. With their third hole, the crew dug on top of a plateau.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Dave Turin Strikes Biggest Claim Ever

When the backhoe dug into the dirt on the third test site, it looked good from the start. Big rocks, gravel, and beautiful red dirt. Dave and Jason started to get excited. Dave yelled to his digger, “You’re on gold now!” And he was right.

By the time the Gold Rush crew had gotten the dirt processed, it was clear this was going to be a good site. There is no telling when they first dig into the dirt what lies beneath. While the dirt can look good, or a site seems like a good place to dig, it doesn’t guarantee anything. However, in Idaho, the Turin crew found a site worth digging for next season.

When they measured out the gold, they found they had 3 ounces total. 1.5 ounces of gold per 100 yards. With a claim that rich, Dave and his team are going to be digging for millions soon on Gold Rush. If the level of gold holds in that area, it will be his largest claim to date. How about that?