‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine’: Your Guide to Catching Up on Every Episode of the Spin-Off

by Victoria Santiago

Gold Rush has been such a popular TV series for years, so it’s no surprise that it has a lot of spin-offs. One of those spin-offs is Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine. That’s just one of many, many takes on the popular Discovery show. However, Dave Turin’s Lost Mine has a more interesting premise than most of the other spin-offs.

The show follows former Gold Rush star, Dave Turin. Dave Turin’s Lost Mine follows him around the US as he tries to bring back failed or closed-down gold mines. The show is about a couple of different things: hopefully finding new gold in old mines, and the history of those mines. It has a much different perspective on the gold mining industry than the original Gold Rush show.

Discovery Has a Few Ways to Watch ‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine’

Sometimes when we find good spin-offs, we’re sad to learn that they’re virtually unavailable everywhere. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Dave Turin’s Lost Mine. The spin-off is currently available to stream online. Of course, since it is a Discovery channel show, that’s where you can find it. Discovery actually gives fans a couple of different ways to watch the show.

First off, you can watch the first season of Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine on the Discovery website for free. Since this option is free, there are regular ad breaks. In addition to that, the second and third seasons are locked. You can unlock the other two seasons by completing one of two things: connecting your TV provider or buying a Discovery+ subscription. As it just so happens, those are the other two ways you can watch the show, anyway.

A Discovery+ subscription will only set you back by $4.99 a month. Just like the free season available online, this tier has ads during the show. There’s also a premium tier available for $6.99 a month. In addition to Gold Rush: Dave Turin‘s Lost Mine, you’ll have access to a lot of other shows, too. Plus, there are no ads, unlike the free first season. If you’re unsure if you really want to commit to another streaming platform (there are so many out there!), Discovery offers a free 7-day trial. The streaming site offers access to a lot of reality shows and other TV channels as well. Animal Planet, the Food Network, and the Travel Channel are all available on the platform.

Of course, if you already have a TV provider that has Discovery, you don’t need to buy a subscription to watch Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine. In fact, it’s as simple as connecting your TV information to an online account. By doing that, you’ll unlock the second and third seasons of the show online, and you’ll even have access to watch live shows.