‘Gold Rush’ Exclusive: Tony Beets Has Perfect Answer for What Fans Should Specifically Watch for Next Season

by Jon D. B.

From Holland to the Yukon Territory, Tony Beets’ humble beginnings have shaped him into the sort of man you expect brilliant answers from. And in our exclusive chat ahead of GOLD RUSH Season 12, The King of the Klondike provides exactly that.

When warming up to Tony Beets, it’s best to shoot as straight as he does. Discussing his early days in Canada’s Yukon reveals Beets to be every bit the fantastically no-nonsense man he is on screen.

So when I asked the icon what brought him to gold mining of all things, he didn’t hesitate:

“The money,” Beets shoots straight. “When we immigrated here to Canada, we heard that you could make $1,000 a week mining for gold. So I decided that if other people can get $1,000 bucks a week, I’m gonna get that, too. That’s pretty much where all that started, yah?” the GOLD RUSH star laughs.

“I first milked some cows in Canada, and that’s where you hear all the stories of me in my early days,” Tony rolls. He’s clearly come a long way, and is proud of it. Rightly so.

As fans know, Beets was born and raised on a farm in Holland. He originally came to Canada’s Dawson City, Yukon in 1984, where he would work his ass off making ends meet. Yet as soon as he could get into the gold mining game, Tony was in. Now, he’s worked his way up from a humble machine operator to one of the biggest mining operations in the Klondike.

And much in the same way his elders told him, The King of the Klondike tells this Outsider to “Follow the money. Go North, young man.”

‘Gold Rush’s Tony Beets: ‘Basically, Just Watch the TV!’

Close-up of Tony smiling at gold weigh. (Image courtesy of Discovery Press for Outsider.com)

With his hearty laugh, it’s hard not to pack up and go immediately. But also like Tony, I love my job. So instead, I settle for asking him what he’s excited for in Season 12, and what GOLD RUSH fans should be looking forward to, as well.

“Basically, just watch the TV,” Beets shoots straight again.

“There’s always news things, there’s always other things, but we make TV every day,” he continues. “I don’t know how they can it or slice it or put it together, but I think we should have a very decent season this year, and hopefully it goes over well so we can do another year,” Tony offers enthusiastically.

That’s exactly what GOLD RUSH fans want to hear. Thankfully, the wait is now over and Season 12 hits Friday, September 24. And if Tony Beets’ words are to go by (which they are), audiences can expect one “very decent” romp through the Klondike for late 2021 into 2022.

Discovery’s #1-rated show, GOLD RUSH, began its 12th season on Friday, September 24 at 8 PM. Now, new episodes air on Discovery and stream on Discovery+ Fridays at 8 PM Eastern. Catch a sneak-peek for Season 12 below: