‘Gold Rush’ Fans Are Frustrated With Show’s Narrator: Here’s Why

by Amy Myers
(Photo by David Butow/Corbis via Getty Images)

Gold Rush fans aren’t too happy with the show’s United Kingdom narrator after he repeatedly mispronounces one of the main stars’ names. The show’s narrator, Shaun Dooley, is no stranger to the voice-over scene and has narrated several other popular series for the U.K., but still, he consistently pronounces Parker Schnabel’s last name differently than the star and his family.

Apparently, this fluke has fans so irritated that they took to Reddit to express their frustration.

“Narrator: It’s Parker Schnabel (“a” is in “thaw) NOT (“a” as in “play.”),” the author of the post wrote. “Haven’t seen any of the current season and catching up. The narrator’s mispronunciation of ‘Schnabel’ is irritating as heck. Pronouncing anyone’s name wrong is careless, but one of the main people? No excuses.”

Schnabel’s family roots are from Germany, and he maintains the authentic pronunciation of his last name, which evidently means “beak” in German.

Thankfully, for most U.S.-based Gold Rush fans, this problem doesn’t appear to them as they still have the original show’s narrator. However, some have noticed that their service providers have switched from the U.S. version of Gold Rush to the U.K. version. And based on the complaints, this wouldn’t be an issue if the narrator properly pronounced the names of the miners.

‘Gold Rush’ Fans Debate Proper Pronunciation of Key Stars’ Names

One fan even took the pronunciation of Schnabel’s name one step further, noting that the pronunciation isn’t technically “aw.”

“‘Aw’ doesn’t cut it either,” the Gold Rush fan corrected. “it’s ‘ah’ the way it was pronounced. But who cares. I’m sure the show is well aware of the differences in pronunciation between narrators and deemed it not worthy of ‘correction’.”

The fan also noted that the issue obviously hasn’t been important enough to warrant a response from Schnabel, himself. The star will sometimes chime in on Reddit conversations when there’s a discrepancy about Gold Rush details. In the past, he’s commented on the show’s regulations as well as his own rules for his operation.

Then the conversation turned to a fellow foreign family, the Beets, who are from Holland. In Dutch, the double-e in his last name sounds like a long “a.”

“Out of curiosity: what would you guys think if the narrator(s) would start pronouncing the Beets family name the way it’s supposed to? Then it would sound like ‘bates,'” one Gold Rush fan pointed out.

But, ultimately, others agreed that the default is always, however, the star pronounces his or her own name. And in this case, the narrator was correct.

“As another user here pointed out, the narrator should pronounce the names identically to how the individual pronounces the name. The Beets family pronounces their name as ‘Beets’ not ‘Bates,'” another responded.