‘Gold Rush’ Fans Are Not Happy With Scott: Here’s Why

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Phil Schermeister/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)

In a recent episode of Gold Rush: White Water, Dustin Hurt decided to put a newcomer to the show, Kayla Johanson, in charge of one of the teams. While Johanson has been dredging since her teenage years, some of her fellow stars didn’t believe that she had what it took to be a good leader, namely, Scott Allen. And fans weren’t too happy with how he responded to the news of her position.

Allen, himself, is a U.S. Marine veteran. It is unclear how long he served or at which rank, but because of this past experience, alone, he believed he was more suitable for the supervisory role. On Reddit, several Gold Rush fans shared their thoughts on the interaction and their responses to Allen’s shocking behavior.

“And I thought it was pretty low-class of Scott to challenge her, asking her if she’s ever led anyone in a life-or-death situation (implying that he has). He’s always come across as a bit of a loose cannon and I think Dustin saw that,” the author of the subreddit wrote.

“Kayla seems smart, fearless, and calm, and I think Dustin saw that too. It was a little strange to see her get blamed for the new diver (forget his name) freaking out and abandoning his dive. There was little she could have done, in the moment,” the user continued. “Anyway, ex-military doesn’t always equal great leader, in spite of what many would have you believe. Great leaders can come from anywhere.”

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Many fellow Gold Rush fans agreed with the author’s notion, sharing their disappointment in the former Marine’s behavior. They also expressed their appreciation for Johanson’s focus on the bigger picture instead of the petty drama with her co-stars.

“Kayla has none of that ‘I’m tough and I have something to prove’ attitude,” one fan added. “she’s just calm and focused and knows her stuff, which is refreshing to see after all the chest-thumping.”

Another concurred, “A good leader knows how to take orders and has respect for those under them, scotty boy needs to learn respect, his petted lip is blinding him to the reality.”

A couple of users even pointed out that a lot of the time, Gold Rush boss Hurt reprimanded Allen for his mistakes.

Meanwhile, other Gold Rush fans blamed production for the new drama between the White Water stars. Despite the evidence against Allen, some believed that the issue was just a concoction of the show’s behind-the-scenes team to get fans talking.

“All of this contrived for drama. Why did Dustin make 2 teams, one with his old crew and one with an entirely new crew? Drama!” one fan wrote. “Dustin should be leading the new team. That’s what makes sense. Instead, they put together old vs new for the sake of tv.”