‘Gold Rush’ Fans Debate One Star’s Role on the Show

by Victoria Santiago

Throughout the years, we’ve seen a lot of drama on Gold Rush. Usually, any drama or personal background information on the show is well-received by fans. It adds to the overall experience of the show and helps viewers connect more with the Gold Rush cast. However, fans have taken to social media to talk about their dislike for the head of the Lewis crew.

Anyone active on Reddit knows how easy it is for people to rally together on the forum-based site. It’s no different on Gold Rush subreddits, where there are often posts talking about people’s least favorite miners. A lot of the time, that least favorite miner is Fred Lewis. A Reddit post made by u/quayleman8969 got a lot of attention from other members of the Gold Rush subreddit. “Anyone else skip past Fred lewis parts of the show. Such cringe. The hoffmans weren’t even this bad,” the user posted.

‘Gold Rush’ Fans Debate In the Comments

Many commenters were quick to agree with the post. “No way! I use that time for bathroom breaks,” someone said. Another user added, “I wish discovery could see me fast forward. Worst part of the show in multiple years. I feel like they are low on content this year.” So, why all the hate for Fred Lewis? There seems to be a few different reasons why. Lewis apparently mentions his military past too often (he’s a combat vet). He talks about it so much that someone even commented, “I was in the military. What I saw last night made me roll my eyes so hard they almost stuck. I’m not watching anymore. I can’t take it.” So, there’s that. Overall, people also seem to be dissatisfied with Fred Lewis’ leadership style.

Regardless of any issues that Fred Lewis may or may not have, he had supporters on the thread as well. Many comments pointed to the fact that Lewis is still relatively new to Gold Rush. “I’m liking Fred more and more. He is learning,” one user said. Another agreed, saying: “I think Fred is doing much better this year. How he stood up for his crewmate in the last episode was ‘gold’. He is also finding gold, learning and doing well this season.” Hopefully, Lewis will continue to grow and we’ll see some better content from his crew as Season 12 wraps up.

The Dos and Don’ts of Succeeding at Gold Mining

We’ve seen crew members come and go throughout the decade that Gold Rush has been on the air. If anything we’ve learned what works in these extreme conditions and what doesn’t. Parker Schnabel is another Gold Rush star with a lot to learn, but he’s got the basics down pat.

He says that the main thing is just sticking to normal job rules – don’t abuse drugs or alcohol, show up on time, and don’t misuse company property. Another big thing is making sure you can thrive in that type of lifestyle and work environment. Many can’t. And others, like Fred Lewis, maybe just need a little help finding their footing.