‘Gold Rush’ Fans Have Concerns About Rick’s ‘Bridge’

by Joe Rutland

Don’t think that fans of Gold Rush are not watching what happens to the show’s captains, especially Rick Ness. There’s something for concern.

What could it be? So, these show’s fans are a bit worried about his “Bridge.” Let’s get after it and check out some comments in a thread from Reddit.

This thread has its first post in the title section. It reads: “Anyone find Rick’s ‘Bridge’ concerning? It’s basically an Earth dam in what looks to be a deep watershed ravine with no culvert. [The] Rain season is coming and if that thing erodes, anything downstream, including fisheries, are going to be screwed.”

‘Gold Rush’ Fans Offer Some Reasons, Including Math, For Rick’s Situation

OK, well that was a long post/title. This Redditor replies: “No, it only rains on Tony Beets property.” Another Gold Rush fan writes: “I’m pretty sure msha makes them put culverts. We just didn’t see him do it. It would be pretty dumb to be out of compliance in one of the most mining-rich areas.” And this fan replies: “I hope so. It wasn’t visible from the drone shots.”

One fan goes deep with the mathematics on the Gold Rush situation. This person writes: “It struck me while watching that the math didn’t add up. Call it napkin math, with some assumptions, but smells like made for TV drama: 1000 yards / 30 yards per truck = 33 trips. Long route = 2.4 miles. Short route = 1 mile. 1.4 x 33 = 46.2 miles saved. 2 trucks = 23.1 miles saved per truck. Assume trucks move 10 mph. Time saved = 2 hours 18 minutes 36 seconds. Time to build ramp (‘all afternoon’) = 4 hours. Let’s build a sketchy bridge!”

Fans Are Ready With Their Opinions About What’s Going On Here

Then, this Redditor replies after the math lesson: “Yeah I had one of those ‘beautiful mind’ moments myself when they were talking about this whole bridge too. I too did some math and was left shaking my head. How in the world it’s NOT fake show drama I’ll never know.” A Gold Rush fan chimes in quickly: “You have to double your math for return trips, so he shaved off 36 minutes.”

A couple more Gold Rush fans weigh in on the matter. One writes: “First off, where Rick is mining is (in) the middle of nowhere. You get more silt in the river from a flood than you would if the dam bursts. Not to mention the mining plan has to be signed off by the water board so there ya go”.

We have this fan talking about the waterways. Take a read: “They are pretty strict about silt entering waterways. For good reason.”