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‘Gold Rush’ Fans Would Rather Leave One Episode at the Bottom of a Mine Shaft

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by DEA / G.CAPPELLI/De Agostini via Getty Images)

Gold Rush has been a popular reality show for over a decade. There are still some flop episodes, though. One episode from Season 9 didn’t do well with fans. Episode 17 of that season, titled “Gold Gurus,” has been voted as the worst episode of the show. The episode currently has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 10. Compared to the average episode’s rating of 6.7 out of 10, that’s quite the dip.

At first glance, that drop in ratings might be confusing. What makes this episode score so much lower than all of the other episodes? Well, if you really want to know… “Gold Gurus” is different than all of the other episodes of Gold Rush. Rather than following the typical show format, “Gold Gurus” is a clip episode. According to Looper, that basically means that the episode is made up of other clips from the show. Avid reality TV watchers all dislike clip episodes. They disrupt the storyline of the season and don’t really provide anything interesting in terms of content. As such, most people consider them to be useless fillers.

“Gold Gurus” is just like every other clip episode out there. It gave fans an overview of what had happened during the season so far. The Gold Rush episode also included some interviews, and sneak peeks of what fans could expect later on in the season. To say the least, the episode is simply not exciting. It doesn’t add anything to the season that we haven’t already seen.

‘Gold Rush’ Teases Parker Schnabel’s Mud Mountain

Parker Schnabel has a lot on the line during this current season of Gold Rush. He’s worried about hitting his goals. He originally takes a short trip to Alaska to drill new holes and stake new claims for his team. Not long after that, he’s ready to return to Yukon and find some gold. There, his team will have to work hard to see if Schnabel’s choices have paid off. There’s a lot of digging and sluicing involved.

This season of Gold Rush has shown a lot of Schnabel‘s team at their Mud Mountain dig site. Unfortunately, they have to dig really deep to see if their efforts will be futile or not. Ultimately, Mud Mountain could end up being more trouble than it’s worth for Schnabel’s team. He thinks there are veins of gold somewhere in there, though. This dig site is essential for his Gold Rush team. If they do well, it’ll help them move on to other sites to find more gold. If they don’t find any gold during their Yukon dig, it might be harder for the team to get to other dig sites. Money and morale will most likely run low if Mud Mountain ends up being a bust.