‘Gold Rush’ Fans Still Can’t Get Over One Tony Beets Scene

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Discovery Inc.)

From his no-nonsense attitude to his thick Dutch accent, Gold Rush star Tony Beets has always been a fan-favorite among the cast.

When we first met Beets, he offered some sage advice to a young Parker Schnabel who was still learning the ropes of being his own boss. Beets, a formidable force in the mining industry offered him six words that have become the slogan of the Gold Rush family.

“Drill holes, drill holes, drill holes.”

In fact, this iconic line stuck with fans so much that years later, one even decided to turn the phrase into a meme on Reddit.

Over 30 other Gold Rush fans upvoted the post. Others added their own favorite Tony Beets quotes in the comments.

“If we ain’t getting no f—ing gold we ain’t getting no f—ing money. A.S.P.,” one shared.

Another wrote, “let’s make it happening,” a line that Beets always says when he’s ready to work.

And this isn’t the only meme that Reddit fans have posted recently. In a separate post, fans turned one of fellow Gold Rush stars Fred Lewis’ classic mistakes into a meme. The photo was of Lewis’ escavator in pieces as the rest of the crew scurried to the location.

“Remember folks. You can only swing 16 times to the left before the excavator unscrews itself,” the text read.

While this meme isn’t as flattering as the one fans made for Beets, it does show the essence of Fred’s segments on the show. A rookie mine boss, Lewis often makes crucial mistakes that set his team back just as far as they’ve come. There’s no better metaphor for this than literally unscrewing your vehicle while trying to dig up paydirt.

‘Gold Rush’ Fans Admit to Skipping This Star’s Segment

Lewis wasn’t the only one to receive some criticism on Reddit. While some fans have come to love Beets for his predictable one-liners, others are tired of seeing the same plot play out on his land claim each week.

“Anyone else skip Tony segments?” one fan asked.

The author of the post broke Beets’ segments down to six central components:

Old POS breaks
Call Kevin
Fire the f—ing thing back up
Gather family for about the same amount of gold.”

The fan said that Beets is a “unique and funny dude,” but couldn’t bare watching the same story every time his family appeared on Gold Rush.

Fans in the comments agreed that they sometimes skip segments, but instead of skipping Beets’ scenes, they skip Lewis’. Others admitted to skipping both. Perhaps their lack of excitement is the reason they’ve become the subjects of memes among fans, since it’s easy to predict what they’ll do and say next.