‘Gold Rush’ Fans Discuss Why Tyson Lee’s Dog Wears a Muzzle

by Amy Myers

Some of the fan-favorite stars on Gold Rush happen to walk on four legs instead of two. Mine boss Parker Schnabel often has his pup, Dozer, by his side, and sometimes, we see plant boss Tyson Lee have his canine companion, Jarvis, with him, too.

In the past, fans have noticed that Jarvis has had to wear an accessory on his face. Curious as to why the husky needed a muzzle, one fan took to Reddit to start the conversation. “Why does Tyson’s dog always have a muzzle on?” the author inquired. “I understand he’s a rescue but to have it on even when it’s just them two in his trailer?”

While the fan might be perplexed about the situation, there is a very good reason for it. As the Reddit poster acknowledged, Jarvis is a rescue pup. As is the case with many rescue animals, they can be unpredictable. So, the muzzle is a safety measure not only for the people around but also for Jarvis.

According to the Animal Humane Society, believing that muzzles are cruel is a common “misconception.” According to the organization, muzzles are often used for “basic positive reinforcement training.” Furthermore, with the proper muzzle, it should “never cause your dog any pain or discomfort.”

Also important to note, the design of the muzzle, called a basket muzzle, allows the pooch to pant, eat, bark, and drink water while still curtailing any nipping tendencies.

‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel’s Crew Facing Big Challenges This Season

As “Gold Rush fans have witnessed, mining for gold is no walk in the park. The crew works tirelessly in their pursuit. And in the current season, miner Parker Schnabel is working harder than ever. Primarily, that’s because his crew is facing some major obstacles.

The gold mining game is, in many ways, a turf war. In a clip from the most recent episode, Schnabel says the “problem” his team has encountered is that they’re “running out of ground to mine.”

Also, as we’ve seen in previous episodes, Parker has been worried that he is going to “dig himself too deep.” Learn more here.