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‘Gold Rush’: Fred Has to Make Some Major Repairs

by Chris Haney
(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

In a recent extended clip shared to Gold Rush’s YouTube channel, mining boss Fred Lewis has to haul a huge wash plant in order to make needed repairs. It’s the first time Lewis has ever moved such enormous equipment, and he’s admittedly rattled by the task at hand.

Earlier today, Gold Rush shared an almost 10-minute segment of a recent episode. Army veteran turned gold miner Fred Lewis is looking to make a big push this season to strike it rich in Alaska. Therefore he’s leasing a wash plant to assist his team’s efforts, but the plant comes with a hitch. If he leases the wash plant, it comes as is. So Lewis will have to foot the bill for any repairs or maintenance.

In fact, the owner of the wash plant admits the machinery needs a few tune-ups. The wash plant needs its screens changed and a new liner among a few other minor fixes. Lewis thinks it over and decides to pull the trigger, but he’s still got to move the enormous machine off the mountain to the highway. That’s a slow and tedious trek about a half-mile away.

“I’m sketched right now,” Lewis says as he begins to move the wash plant. “Kind of out of my comfort zone here, that’s for sure.”

Lewis hops in a tracked excavator to slowly pull the wash plant over icy, frozen terrain. It’s a dangerous job with such large equipment in tow, and Fred knows it. The miner successfully drags the wash plant to the road, and has it towed for repairs. He’s quoted $30,000 for all the repairs that are needed, but he only has $25,000 to spend.

However, he strikes a deal to do a portion of the work himself and comes to an agreement. Make sure to tune into Gold Rush to see if Fred Lewis and his team’s fortunes change for the better with the addition of the huge wash plant to their operation.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Addresses His Crew After a Slow Start To the Season

After almost three months of hard work to begin their season, Fred Lewis and his crew on Gold Rush finally had their first gold weigh. Following last season’s rough first outing for his team, the mining boss and his team are looking for redemption this time around.

They got off to a slow start though after facing a series of obstacles in the first 11 weeks of the season. After their first weigh-in, the team brought in a total of 8.4 ounces of gold. Considering they only mined a little more than 6 ounces of gold all season last year, it’s a solid start for the team. The Gold Rush star addressed his crew previous to the weigh-in about their recent performance.

“It’s been a pretty tough week. I kinda look back at this week as really being a bad week, but we’ve overcome a lot… and we’re still pulling gold in,” Lewis said to his team. “The hard work we put in, the hard work we’re gonna put in is for this gold that we’re about to see.”

“I don’t feel like we’re greenhorns anymore,” Lewis added. “I feel like we’re mining, and I feel like we’re overcoming obstacles every frickin’ day.”