‘Gold Rush’: From the Very Beginning, Tony Beets Thought He’d Outmine the Competition

by Jonathan Howard

In the Yukon, the stars of Gold Rush compete to see who can be the top of the gold producers in the region. Tony Beets has always been confident.

When you have a career like Tony Beets, it makes sense to have some confidence. As one of the main stars of the show, fans have gotten to know him through the show. His long beard and grizzled appearance look the part. One reason he started gold mining though, was for the money.

“I came from the Netherlands, of course,” Tony said to Entrepreneur in 2019. “I hung around Alberta and BC for a bit, then I went to the Yukon for the money. They said you can make a thousand bucks a week, so I thought: If they get that, I’ll get a little more. And that’s what happened.”

It wasn’t just money that Beets was in search of. The Dutchman came with a strong work ethic and a desire to dig. Most of all, the miner has enjoyed the lifestyle. Living out in the Yukon and doing about anything he wants to do. It sounds like a freeing and somewhat spiritual experience.

“I guess I really like the lifestyle; that attracted me to it most,” Tony continued. “You do whatever you want, yell at people whenever you feel like it. And then there’s the hunt, the treasure. I like it.”

Hunting for those elusive gold bits and nuggets. That is what keeps these machines running and the people involved digging. Getting to the payday and proving that you have what it takes to do the damn thing. Fans of Gold Rush know the work is messy and hard. There is a lot that can go wrong and very few times when things go right according to plan.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Taking a Risky Gamble

This season of Gold Rush is set to be a good one. With the return of The Dirt, fans are getting an in-depth look at all things regarding the show. That includes the personal relationships, drama, how-to’s on processes and tasks not on the show. The action on the show has Parker Schnabel taking a gamble he hopes will pay off.

By moving to a new site to dig, Schnabel is taking a huge risk. His new site has been producing well though. His crew isn’t having to dig as deep as other locations, and that makes it easier in the long run. However, it remains to be seen if the gold keeps rolling in. It can go dry at any moment, and if it does, his risky move could come back to bite him.

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