‘Gold Rush’: Here’s How Much Parker Schnabel Pays His Crew

by Chris Haney

Last month, Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel broke down how much he pays his crew when he shared details about the wages his gold miners take home.

Fans of the hit Discovery Channel reality series know that gold mining can be a dangerous but lucrative business. Veteran mining legend Tony Beets is the highest-earning miner on the show and is worth $15 million. The young mining prodigy isn’t too far behind and is one of the show’s most successful miners. Schnabel himself is only 27 years old, and has led a crew in Alaska since he was a teenager. The young man is already worth $10 million early on in his career.

However, like any other business, their employees don’t make nearly as much. They still make a solid living, but they’re not millionaires. During a recent conversation on Reddit about Gold Rush, Schnabel chimed in when one user balked at the thought of having to work as a miner for low wages. That’s when the mining boss made sure to set the record straight about their wages.

The Gold Rush star explained that most of his employees start out at $28 an hour. He admits the work can be intense though with 75-hour work weeks being commonplace. When you take overtime into consideration, the gross pay per week would be $2,590. Schnabel then goes on to break it down even further.

“We usually work about ~25 weeks so gross earnings would be around 65K pre bonus for a starting employee. Which I think works out to around 40k net….which is what I probably meant by saying 40k to drive rock truck for the season. Median wage is probably more in the $34/hr range,” Schnabel explained on Reddit.

So there you have it. If you’re interested in gold mining, you should make around $34 per hour working for someone else’s operation. You might not be a millionaire, but for six months of work that’s not too shabby.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Branches Out From the Family Business and Finds Success

As mentioned, Parker Schnabel is a mining prodigy who got into the business at a very young age. His grandfather, John Schnabel, owned the Big Nugget mining company in Porcupine Creek, Alaska. John took Parker to dig sites beginning when he was just a child. So he’s grown up around mining his whole life basically.

In fact, towards the end of high school, the Gold Rush star was at the helm of a crew of miners twice his age. He took charge of his grandfather’s Big Nugget mine as a teen and never looked back. In Season 4 of the popular Discovery series, Schnabel decided to venture out on his own. He chose to start his own gold mining business in the Yukon instead of attending college. Schnabel even used his college trust fund to start his business and get it off the ground floor. The miner gambled on himself and won.

To the shock of Gold Rush viewers, Schnabel had a wildly successful first season owning his own company as a teenager. In their first year, Schnabel’s crew mined an astounding 1,029-ounces of gold. He hasn’t had many doubters ever since and has become one of the top-producing miners in the area.