‘Gold Rush’: Here’s How Much Todd Hoffman Earns from the Show

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

It’s no secret that Todd Hoffman isn’t the most consistent miner on Gold Rush. Throughout his initial eight seasons on the show, the star has seen some pretty dramatic ups and downs. And eventually, his losses pushed him to search for a new career in the music industry. But even when he didn’t pull enough money out of the earth, he could still fall back on his paycheck from the show.

Having a camera crew on a mining site can certainly have its disadvantages. Not only does the crew catch every bad day and negligent mistake on film, but they also add another safety risk to the equation. Fellow Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel has gotten fed up with the cameramen on multiple occasions, pushing them away when he loses his temper. Meanwhile, others like Rick Ness have had to intervene when machinery malfunctions put the film crew members in the line of danger.

But then again, who can complain when you get $25,000 an episode?

That’s right, Hoffman earns an extra five figures each time he appears in an episode of Gold Rush, and that’s on top of his $7 million networth.

Still, Todd Hoffman Left the Show for New Interests

You might think that earning $25,000 at least 15 times a year (a.k.a. $375,000) plus any gold findings would be enough for Hoffman to stick around, but instead, in 2018, he packed up his equipment and disassembled his crew in order to become a vocalist.

For a little while, the former Gold Rush star truly dedicated himself to his latest dream. He created a YouTube page with dozens of videos of himself and even teamed up with other aspiring artists hoping to catch a contract with a record label.

“I’m actually starting to get some serious offers. Laugh if you want,” Hoffman shared at the time of his initial departure.

“Who knows?” he said. “Stranger things have happened. I want to break it big. I want to hit it out of the park.”

But, just three years later, Hoffman abandoned this vision, too, to rejoin the show.

Hoffman’s Unexpected Return to ‘Gold Rush’

At first, fans couldn’t believe that Hoffman and his team were already back on Gold Rush. Sure, it seemed a bit strange to switch gears from mining to singing, but then again, this was the same guy who once owned his own airport.

While he might not always make the most practical or financially sound choice with his career paths, one thing remains true – Todd Hoffman isn’t afraid to chase his dreams, no matter where they take him.

Hopefully, though, for the sake of his crew, his next exploits will lead him to a whole lot of gold.