‘Gold Rush’: Here’s What Fred Hurt’s Net Worth Is

by Jonathan Howard

The miners on Gold Rush all have their own backstory. For Fred Hurt, he has been in the business a very long time.

So, when it comes to his net worth, Hurt has had a long time to amass a fortune for himself. It was good just when he was mining gold, now he is the star of a hit TV show. With all that considered, it isn’t surprising that he is worth right around $6 million. His son Dustin is following in his footsteps and the two have a fearless crew of miners.

Water is a necessity in mining. However, with the rapids that the Hurt crew deals with every week, things don’t come easy. The water is cold, it moves fast, and it can easily sweep a worker off their feet at any moment. However, the gold can be good and that is what has kept the Hurts coming back time after time.

Fred Hurt Says ‘No One Does What We Do’

Mining is not for everyone. Mining in white water rapids really isn’t for everyone. That is something that Fred Hurt has learned over time. He knows when a new worker will make it and when they won’t. He knows that there is something extra that miners need to succeed in this business.

“No one does what we do,” Hurt told Looper. “Anybody watches this TV show, and thinks that they can go into my claims and dig and do what we do? They’re wrong because this is harder than anyone ever will know until they try.”

He also talked about other aspects of the job. “There is never going to be a moment where a gold miner is satisfied with the amount of gold that they have.”

So, each season Hurt and his team keep trying to crack away at the gold in those waters. There are troubles and hazards, but the pay keeps folks coming back for more. If you can manage to shake the worst of the job, then there is a fortune waiting on the other side of that struggle.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Dustin Hurt Loses It Cracking Boulder

One of the things that Gold Rush stars on both the regular show and White Water face are large rocks. Boulders can really get in the way. Sometimes it takes a full day of work to remove a boulder. Dustin Hurt and his team are going to be faced with that challenge in the next new episode.

The rocks in the rapids are flaky, sharp, and can cause a lot of problems. Dustin looks like he is going to do everything in his power to get rid of the boulder. However, it doesn’t appear to be enough even after hours of work. So, what is Dustin going to do? Find out Friday.