‘Gold Rush’: Here’s What Happened to Carl

by Chris Haney

Gold Rush fans should remember mechanic Carl Rosk well, but he hasn’t been on the hit Discovery Channel series since last year. If you’ve wondered why that is, we’ve got you covered.

The former professional dirt biker first appeared on the popular gold mining show in 2015. The series debuted in 2010, and although Rosk didn’t join until a few years later, he quickly became a fan favorite. Rosk hails from British Columbia and comes from a family of gold miners.

However, his time on the series came to an abrupt end in 2020 during Season 1, Episode 17. He addressed the crew and revealed that he’d be taking a break from Gold Rush. So far though, he hasn’t returned from his hiatus, and has yet to appear in Season 12, which began in September.

During a recent discussion on Reddit, Gold Rush fans brought up Rosk’s whereabouts. Supposedly, the mechanic had a tumor in his lung and left to seek treatment for his condition. In fact, one Reddit user pointed out that his health was mentioned in previous seasons.

“The tumor was mentioned a year or two ago in a previous season,” Reddit user The-Scotsman said. “This is just surgery to get it removed. It’s a positive thing. They said it didn’t go as quickly as normal, but I’d expect he’ll be fine in the end.”

According to NR.com, Rosk’s tumor is benign, but the Gold Rush star might have a second tumor.

“He talked about having a tumor on his lung and another on his spine. Season 9, Episode 11, so it’s been with him a while,” another Reddit user PM-Me-Electrical shared.

It sounds like Carl has gotten the treatment he needed, so hopefully fans will see him on Gold Rush again in the near future.

How Long Does It Take to Film a Season of ‘Gold Rush’

As mentioned, Gold Rush is now in its 12th season and is Discovery’s most-watched program. The show’s in-depth look into the lives and work of gold miners has been a hit for the network to say the least. Yet fans of the series likely don’t know just how long it takes to film a season of the show.

In a separate Reddit forum, one user opened up about the series. He had specific insight into the show since he claims to have worked with one of the Gold Rush crews for multiple years.

“A few of the crew usually go up mid-March to de-winterize everything and get camp ready. The rest show up around the end of March/early April. Then we stay until about mid-October, later if the weather holds and camp doesn’t freeze so we can do more stripping,” u/Bcwildie wrote on Reddit.

The mining season lasts around seven months before weather conditions up north simply get too rough to handle. Thankfully, that gives Discovery plenty of time to capture all the drama of gold mining in the Great White North.