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‘Gold Rush’: Here’s What Role Parker Schnabel Played in the First Season

by Chris Haney
(Alan Vernon / Contributor via Getty Images)

Gold Rush fans know mining prodigy Parker Schnabel well. They’ve literally seen him grow up from a teenager into an adult since the first season of the popular Discovery Channel series. These days, Schnabel is one of the most popular and successful gold miners on the show. But can you remember the role 17-year-old Parker Schnabel played during Gold Rush Season 1?

Schnabel comes from a family of Alaskan gold miners dating back to his grandfather, John Schnabel. His grandfather, a bootlegger in the late 1930s, moved to Alaska to evade authorities in the Lower 48. After joining the military and fighting in World War II, John returned to Alaska. Eventually, he got into the gold mining business and started Big Nugget Mine in Porcupine Creek.

Early on when Gold Rush first premiered in 2010, Big Nugget became one of the mining companies featured on the series. John Schnabel would guest star on the series here and there, and his grandson would join him on occasion. That means Parker has appeared in all 12 seasons of the hit show. However, during the first season of the reality TV series, he only played an advisory role alongside his grandfather.

Parker’s role would quickly increase though over the next couple of seasons. By the time he turned 17, Schnabel’s grandfather put Parker in charge of men twice his age. The teenager was running his own crew for Big Nugget Mine. But he wanted more and eventually broke away from the family business to create his own company. In fact, Parker used his college fund to finance his mining business in the Yukon. Parker Schnabel bet on himself and won as he’s become one of the most successful gold miners in the region.

Parker Schnabel’s Success Has Made Him Millions

In Parker Schnabel’s first season in charge of his own business, he stunned fans of Gold Rush. He pulled in a whopping 1,029-ounces of gold, which would be great for a seasoned veteran, much less a rookie mining boss. Ever since, Schnabel has been a mainstay on the Discovery Channel.

Additionally, he’s starred in two spinoffs, Gold Rush: The Dirt and his own series Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail in 2017. But Parker and his crew are back for Season 12 of the original series. As always with gold mining, their team has had numerous ups and downs. It comes with the territory, but Schnabel knows what he’s doing since gold mining is in his blood.

In fact, by the age of only 24 years old, the Gold Rush star had already mined more than $13 million worth of gold. That type of success at such a young age is uncommon in this industry. His mining pedigree and workaholic lifestyle has served him well in his 27 years on this earth. The young mining boss’ hard work has paid off over the years. He’s worth at least $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.