‘Gold Rush’: Here’s Where the Show Is Filmed

by Joe Rutland

With all the moving around that captains on Gold Rush appear to do, some viewers might simply wonder where this show is filmed?

Let’s see if we can get an answer for you, Outsiders. We’ll get an assist from an article off Looper, too.

So, here goes with a quick-and-dirty answer: It’s filmed in the Klondike region of Yukon, Canada.

There has been a lot of filming on Gold Rush of the success that Parker Schnabel has achieved. Now there have been a lot of locations that have been part of the OG show and its spin-off series on the Discovery Channel.

Now, quite a number of different locations do become part of the show’s narrative.

Most of them happen to center at Dawson City. Beyond the Yukon region, viewers will have to give it up for Alaska. Schnabel is a native of Alaska. His grandfather’s operation at Porcupine Creek was the primary filming location in Season 1.

Yes, other North American spots where Gold Rush spin-offs have been filmed are part of the show’s history. Still, the man spot happens to be that space in Alaska.

Make sure to catch a new episode of the show or even watch its spin-offs on the Discovery Channel.

‘Gold Rush’ Miner Parker Schnabel Once Made Fortune Off Breaking A Record

Watching this show over the years has been giving Gold Rush viewers a front-row seat to all of the success Schnabel has pinned his hat on over and over again.

This dude looks like he has been breaking records for a long time now.

Well, Outsiders, he has been doing just that for sure.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts. Schnabel, since 2018, has worked different sites and kept pushing the gold out of the ground at a high rate.

Schnabel Takes Everything From His Mining Lessons And Puts Them To Use

Back in Season 9, though, he and his crew made a huge statement.

When the season ended, Schnabel and the crew knew did something powerful.

All told, they mined 7,400 ounces of gold. It totaled $8.5 million. So, he broke the ounces record and monetary record.

But other folks would just be quite happy to have a regular season like usual after such a powerful finish.

Well, the Schnabel crew goes above and beyond each time they get out there. Just watch how they stay focused and attentive about their work. Schnabel does learn the hard way about making sure every single detail has been covered. He learned about mining for gold from his family.

Nowadays, Schnabel takes every single thing that he has learned and applies it to his work. Every single day, too.