‘Gold Rush’ Highlights Freddy and Juan as a Dynamic Duo

by Amy Myers

Gold Rush stars Juan Ibarra and Freddy Dodge have seen their fair share of victories and failures through the years, but never once has their relationship wavered. Dodge and Ibarra have the kind of relationship that other gold mining partners strive to have. Built on mutual trust and respect, the two are just as confident in their own skills as they are the others. That’s why Gold Rush decided to dedicate a portion of a recent episode to the unshakable bond between the two miners.

Earlier today, the show released a teaser clip of tonight’s all-new episode of Gold Rush. In it, the stars reflect on their admirable and sometimes down-right adorable friendship as captured on the show. One notable aspect has been the development of Dodge’s nickname for Ibarra, “Juano.” The host of the segment remarked how Ibarra had officially become Juano to Dodge and to fans of the show.

Ibarra explained that this was just Dodge’s version of the Spanish language.

“The rule of thumb, Freddy’s new Spanish,” he said, inserting air quotes, “you add another ‘o.’ If there’s already an ‘o’ there, you add another ‘o.'”

Dodge confirmed this with a classic example of his new language, “The burrito-o.”

While Dodge believes he might be “too old” to pick up a new language, his partner assured that he picks up a few Spanish words every now and then – but strictly the curse words.

‘Gold Rush’ Stars Discuss Mine Rescue Tactics

When it comes to the business side of their relationship, Dodge and Ibarra are pretty minimalistic when they come to the aid of struggling miners. Besides the tools in their trucks, they don’t bring much else to the site. And still, they manage to turn the operation from a money pit into a literal, prosperous gold mine.

“We hit the ground at a mine, we see what the problems are,” Dodge explained. “We know we only have a week to do it, let’s say. So we’ve gotta find the problems, get the material ordered, get it built, done, in place and, hopefully, prove an improvement in a one-week span.”

Dodge also credited his Gold Rush partner’s innovative nature for much of their shared success.

“So there’s a tremendous amount of pressure on Juan and myself to get that done, but it’s so real. And Juan is the master at making something out of nothing,” he noted. “He’s really good – he’s got a really good eye.”

Dodge recalled times when Ibarra will recognize some scrap piece of metal on the side of the road as potential material for future mine rescue operations. This kind of quick thinking has enabled the duo to create quick and easy yet effective solutions for these miners that have little budget left for repairs and renovations.