‘Gold Rush’: How Did Minnie and Tony Beets Meet?

by Joe Rutland

Ah, what a love story on Gold Rush between Minnie and Tony Beets. Inquiring minds want to know. How did these two actually meet?

Well, we’re going to turn to Minnie for an answer. This comes from an article on Monsters and Critics.

“First of all, I met Tony [as a kid] on the street about 55-56 years ago,” she says. “He moved into the neighborhood when he was seven and I was six. We lived in Holland, in the Netherlands. Later we went and made the decision with each other to head to Canada.”

Tony Beets is a busy guy out there among other gold captains. Gold Rush follows him, Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Fred Lewis in their search for collecting the most gold in a season.

It’s currently in Season 12 on the Discovery Channel.

Tony is still on the hunt for that coveted top prize this season. Will he get it and he and Minnie head out for some party times?

Outsiders, we will just have to wait and see what happens on Gold Rush.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Is Taking Aim At A Record-Breaking Target Right Now

Everyone who watches Gold Rush knows that Tony Beets is going to go for the gold. Literally.

But he’s really setting his sights high on this season. How high? Talk about $16 million (with an M) high.

Is he nuts? No. Tony Beets knows about being in the mine. He shared a vision for this season with his workers and family members.

He tells them that he thinks with gold prices where they are now that “now is the time to get excited.”

Beets adds, “Before I turn 65, I am planning on making this my biggest season ever. Make some real money.”

After Not Being Able To Go To His Favorite Spot, Tony Beets Packed Up and Moved

How will Tony Beets go about doing this on Gold Rush?

“So, let’s just say we spent $5 million worth on equipment but we are going to come back with three times more iron than we left with,” Beets said. “So, I wouldn’t see a big problem running 9,000 ounces. I think it is well within our reach. We are going to have to hit the ground running. We are definitely going to go flat out for a while. So let’s just go out and go do it.”

And no one is going to keep Tony Beets down.

What did he do? Pack up the workers and family and go 30 miles away to Paradise Hill.

Once he got there, Mike Beets worked their excavator on one side of the hill. Older son Kevin went out for a scouting expedition.