‘Gold Rush’: How Does Parker Schnabel Live When He’s Not Filming?

by Taylor Cunningham

Mine boss Parker Schnabel has amassed millions while digging on Gold Rush. But that doesn’t mean he lives a lavish off-screen life. In fact, the reality star claims to nomad.

Due to a somewhat elusive private life, fans of the Discovery series tend to be fascinated by Parker Schnabel. At just 27, the miner is already worth $10 million dollars and has been a bonified celebrity since he was a teenager.

Some of Schnabel’s wealth comes from his family. His grandparents were mining gold long before he was born. But the star earned the majority of the money himself.

When Parker Schnabel was 16, he took over the family business for his late grandfather. And after he graduated high school, Schnabel used his generous college fund to build his own business.

The ‘Gold Rush’ Star Claims to be ‘Homeless’

Because Gold Rush fans are so enamored with the young millionaire, questions began to circulate about his home. And in 2018, rumors claimed that Parker Schnabel bought an Alaskan mansion for nearly $1 million.

But true followers weren’t so quick to believe the story. The Parker Schnabel on television isn’t into fine living. And aside from that, the pictures of the mansion that were floating around online looked more like a home in California than one in The Last Frontier. So one fan personally asked him if the rumors were true.

“Parker, can you settle a debate?” they wrote on Twitter. “Is this your house? Doesn’t look like the style of house I envision when I think of Alaska.”

Schnabel actually responded to the tag and smashed the rumors once and for all. And he further piqued everyone’s interest with his answer.

“The best part of this BS is that I don’t have any house anywhere, I’m homeless,” Schnabel wrote.

And as Gold Rush fans expected, the mine boss doesn’t care to live an upscale lifestyle. Parker Schnabel is just passionate about his career. And he reinvests most of his profits so he can expand his business.

In 2017, Schnabel sat down with Maxim after a highly lucrative season with Gold Rush. And when journalist Keith Gordon asked if he was planning on buying any fancy toys with the proceeds, Schnabel said, “no.”

“We are buying new equipment to improve our operation,” he shared. “I don’t own a boat or any fancy cars or a fancy house. I have a big expensive sandbox instead.”

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