‘Gold Rush’: How Many Episodes Featured Late Star James Harness?

by Joe Rutland

The legend of Gold Rush will keep the memory of James Harness alive. Harness, a star on the show, died years ago. How many shows featured him?

According to an article from Looper, the number is 19 episodes.

That number also correlates with what is shared on IMDb.

Harness appeared on Gold Rush in the 2011-12 season. Yes, there were episodes that featured him where he was not on there specifically.

He died of a stroke after abusing drugs for a number of years in 2014. That abuse stemmed from being involved in a car accident years earlier. Gold Rush did pay tribute to him after his death.

Still, fans of the show who have been watching a long time will remember Harness with a smile and maybe even a tear.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Parker Schnabel Spends Fortune So He Can Make More

Let’s take a look at some current Gold Rush action involving one of the show’s biggest stars, Parker Schnabel

Recently, he took another big risk out on the field so that he can make more money

This kid is amazing, folks. If you have never seen him in action out on the field, then take a look at him at work and take notes.

He is willing to take risks that some others are not willing to do.

Anyway, the show is into Season 12. Schnabel and his crew are aiming for big goals again.

This 27-year-old genius just knows about the ins and outs of the gold mining industry.

The Gold Rush star grew up around his grandfather’s gold mining business. After he graduated from high school, Schnabel did not go to college. He simply went out on his own and created his own gold-mining business.

Mud Mountain Is Causing Him Some Headaches At This Point

Schnabel and his crew hit some tough times at Mud Mountain. See, they all need to get done with their work before the lease on the land ends.

In one clip from the show, he says, “Mud Mountain is a big project, probably a bit bigger than I thought it was gonna be. And there’s still a lot of dirt to move.”

The clock is ticking for Parker Schnabel and his crew.

What to do…what to do.

Hey, Schnabel closes one of his two sluice machines. Then, the boy wonder shifts his crew’s manpower to tackle Mud Mountain. When he closes a wash plant named Slucifier as a nickname, this costs Schnabel $312,000 in only one week.

But he is going to move forward with his plans and he will succeed at some point. After all, look at how much success he’s had in the past, too.