‘Gold Rush’: How One Crew Member Nearly Died in a Truck Crash

by Courtney Blackann

The “Gold Rush” stars are used to working in dangerous conditions. They have to weigh risk versus reward on a daily basis in the hunt for gold. However, one time the push for that reward nearly cost one crew member their life. In a nearly fatal truck accident, one of the show’s film crew barely escapes death.

It was during the season 9 episode titled “Make it Rain.” Experienced miner Rick Ness is in a race against time to excavate a muddy field before the temperature drops below freezing – which would then cause the ground to freeze.

The “Gold Rush” star makes a decision to bring in another truck to help get the job done – but this proves to be the wrong move. With the icy conditions, the driver is going too fast. A member of the film’s crew is trying to mount a GoPro camera to another vehicle. That’s when the truck slams into the vehicle she’s standing on, causing her to hang on the side desperately.

She eventually loses her grip and falls to the ground. However, her injuries were minor in what could have been much, much worse. She was still taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

At this point, the entire cast and crew take pause to reflect on the scary moment. Rick soon decides to cut the day short in order to reevaluate the excavation. This means he may have missed out on some of those precious gold flakes and lots of money – but it was the right call considering the situation.

“Gold Rush” Star Parker Schnabel Explains Do’s and Don’t’s of Job

Because mining is such an intense job, there are a few things miners know not to do. “Gold Rush” star Parker Schnabel breaks down the job’s big ‘no-no’s’ when it comes to mining. These important rules will determine how successful – and safe – the working conditions are.

Firstly, there’s no “alcohol/drug abuse at work, not being punctual or not coming back on time from days off, abusing company equipment/vehicles, just plain not adhering to the basics of work rules in a camp,” Schnabel says.

He also adds that workers must strictly follow chain of command and protocols on the job.

“If I let someone go for something other than point #1, it’s usually because a manager has asked me to (or, requested to swap an employee for someone else which is basically telling me they don’t want that person at the portion of the site they are responsible for), and if someone quits, it’s usually because they don’t want the lifestyle. Pretty simple at the end of the day,” Schnabel shared.

“Gold Rush” continually rivals “Deadliest Catch” as the top Discovery production. Episodes are available for streaming on Discovery+.