‘Gold Rush’: How Rick Ness Balances Business with Friendships While Running a Mine

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to his work on “Gold Rush” as a mining team captain, Rick Ness has learned to find a balance between business and friendships.

Ness originally was a part of mining captain Parker Schnabel’s team before going out on his own. But he’s now overseeing his own team.

He talked about finding that balance in a 2018 interview with Channel Guide Magazine.

“The guys that I picked, I knew would be up for it,” Ness said about his own team. “In my mind, I also thought that that was a bad idea, honestly, because I did have everything that I own on the line, and so I thought about just trying to put together a crew of people that had lots of experience.

“But ultimately, I’ve had a lot of success up there with mining,” the “Gold Rush” star said. “And I did have the confidence that I could hopefully make this work this year.”

‘Gold Rush’ Team Captain Welcomed His Success But Didn’t Want Strangers Around

Ness said he didn’t feel like sharing that type of success with strangers.

“I wanted to try and give that to my friends, as well,” he said. “That’s ultimately how I made my decision.”

But he knows that with a business, things have to be done. The “Gold Rush” star also understands that he has to treat his friends like “employees.”

Ness said he doesn’t think that “it has to be miserable or not fun to run a successful business, and I wanted everybody to have a good time.

“Ultimately, I think that you can be more successful if everybody’s in the right state of mind and working towards the same thing,” he said. “Also, at the same time, being serious about it. I think that we accomplished that this year.”

Ness Joins Three Other Mining Team Owners In Search For Collecting Most Gold

Ness, Schnabel, Tony Beets, and Fred Dodge are the team owners on “Gold Rush” that look to get the most gold. Whoever collects the most wins that season. The Discovery Channel show remains popular with viewers. If you have missed previous episodes, then visit the show’s website and watch them to your heart’s desire. You will have to be connected with your cable provider in order to do so, though.

These days, Ness is handling a successful business. But he, too, has had down moments.

He said 2019 was a tough year for him. Ness went into debt for the first time in a long time. It’s something he was actively trying to avoid.

Ness also said that it was the first time in over a decade for him to go into debt.