‘Gold Rush’: Is the Mining Show Destined to Crossover with This History Channel Series?

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

The Curse of Oak Island has long been drawing in fans as viewers follow the Lagina brothers as they search for a long-lost treasure in the popular History Channel series. And now, viewers are beginning to wonder, could there be a potential crossover event between The Curse of Oak Island and another treasure-hunting series, Gold Rush be in the works? After all, The Curse of Oak Island stars Marty and Rick Lagina are regularly in search of the one thing the Gold Rush crew knows most about…searching for gold!

For the last nine seasons, the History Channel has been drawing in viewers as they follow Marty and Rick while they hunt for a long-lost treasure on Canada’s Oak Island. So far, the Lagina brothers have not found much luck as they search for the hidden gold that is said to be buried on the island. However, the duo has uncovered a variety of other treasured artifacts. In fact, these discoveries have helped historians understand the island – and the island’s former inhabitants – a little better.

Now, this search for gold that we see in The Curse of Oak Island is certainly familiar. Another series centered on the discovery of gold, Gold Rush, has been a longtime fan favorite on The Discovery channel for over ten seasons.

Will The ‘Gold Rush’ Team Help the Treasure Hunters?

This series follows groups of gold miners as they spend their time mining for gold. Now, their end goal is certainly a treasure, but the difference between Gold Rush and Oak Island is clear. The Gold Rush crew focuses on the effort of individuals as they mine for gold. While the Oak Island crew is focused on hunting treasure as a whole.

On a recent Reddit post, fans of both shows speculated about a possible crossover event featuring the Gold Rush crew and The Curse of Oak Island treasure hunters. Or, more specifically, what would happen if one Gold Rush star, Parker Schnabel joined The Curse of Oak Island team. Schnabel has shown himself to be quite a hunter when it comes to finding where to dig for gold. Perhaps this can help the History Channel team?

One Reddit user notes that the Oak Island team “Should’ve brought Parker from ‘Gold Rush’ in there.”

The commenter went on to quip that with Parker’s help, the treasure hunters would have “the island stripped in a week.”

“Parker could find the money pit 1000000%.,” another Redditor comment notes on the thread.

“Get Parker to strip it and Freddy Dodge to build a shaker table and they’ll have the gold in a week,” agrees another Reddit user. This user notes that Gold Rush’s Fred Dodge would be a great addition to the crossover team. Parker’s strength lies in finding the gold; while Fred Dodge supplies the tools to dig up the gold.

Who knows if the History Channel and the Discovery network will be meeting to make this crossover work. But, it seems, this is certainly the best way to finally find any gold on Oak Island!