‘Gold Rush’: Meet New Favorites Fans Can’t Get Enough of

by Amy Myers

The Gold Rush cast has grown immensely since that first season back in 2010, and with all of the new crew members that have joined the mining efforts, fans have found their new favorites.

Originally, the Gold Rush stars consisted of the young entrepreneur, Parker Schnabel, his foreman, Rick Ness, industry giant, Tony Beets, and the impulsive Todd Hoffman. Of these miners, Schnabel and Beets seemed to be the favorites for their cutthroat approaches to their jobs and their devotion to the work. There have been quite a few significant changes to the show, including a few spinoffs and the departure of Hoffman’s crew. Now, as it stands, all four are back at the forefront of the franchise as formidable mine bosses.

A few other bosses have joined the Gold Rush legends, as well. Dustin and Fred Hurt are the masterminds behind the White Water spinoff, while Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra star in the Mine Rescue spinoff. And while viewers appreciate the leadership styles of all the stars, the most popular bosses among fans are Ibarra and Dodge.

Together, Ibarra and Dodge travel across North America searching for mine bosses in need of some help. These individuals are short on money, time, resources and hope. When the Gold Rush partners arrive, they have to help reconstruct the site and chain of command.

Not only is this dynamic duo extremely efficient, but they also have an adorable friendship. Dodge even has a nickname for his best friend and partner – Juan-o. According to Ibarra, this is Dodge’s version of Spanish in which he adds an extra “O” to words.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Freddy Dodge Shares Appreciation for Partner Juan Ibarra

The Gold Rush stars are well aware of their fanbase, too. They will often receive comments regarding their “bromance,” and instead of shying away from it, they seem to embrace it. In fact, Dodge even expressed his appreciation for Ibarra in a recent interview with The Dirt spinoff host, Christo Doyle.

“We hit the ground at a mine, we see what the problems are,” Dodge explained. “We know we only have a week to do it, let’s say. So we’ve gotta find the problems, get the material ordered, get it built, done, in place and, hopefully, prove an improvement in a one-week span.”

In particular, Dodge credited his Gold Rush partner’s innovative nature and ability to create solutions out of scraps on the side of the road.

“So there’s a tremendous amount of pressure on Juan and myself to get that done, but it’s so real. And Juan is the master at making something out of nothing,” the Gold Rush star noted. “He’s really good – he’s got a really good eye.”