‘Gold Rush’: Meet the Special Lady in Kevin Beets’ Life

by Amy Myers

With how demanding the job of the Gold Rush crew members is, it’s not surprising that many of them don’t have time for romance. And the ones that do often have to find a way to balance life on the claim with life at home. Thankfully, for Kevin Beets, he seems to be managing this delicate formula perfectly.

Kevin is the oldest son of Gold Rush stars, Tony and Minnie Beets. Along with his younger siblings, Mike (31) and Monica (28), the family works on the mining operation together for seven months out of the year. During that time, the Beets family lives and breathes paydirt, so there’s little time for much else outside of the workday than sleep. Still, Kevin has created a stable and loving relationship with a woman named Faith Teng, who seems to understand the demands of his career.

Although not much is known about this mystery woman on the show, the Gold Rush star has been seeing her for quite some time. On Facebook, Kevin shared a photo in 2019 with Faith during their visit to the Specialty Equipment Market Association expo. In the photo, Kevin has his arm around Faith’s waist. The two posed with a fan in front of the Millner Tools exhibit.

“Last stop at #SEMA2019, got to meet one of the owners of Milner Tools, see their awesome products, and this cool fan,” the Gold Rush star wrote at the time.

‘Gold Rush’ Family Seems to Love Kevin’s Girlfriend

Meanwhile, little sister Monica has shared her own photo with Faith on Instagram. Back in May of 2020, the Gold Rush star posted a photo with the women of her crew. Featured in the shot was Faith. Whether she’s officially part of the Beets’ team or just an honorary member is still unclear. But what is evident is the fact that the Beets already see Faith as part of the family.

“So happy to have been able to work this this competent, hard working amazing crew! Thanks ladies! You’re awesome,” Monica wrote in the caption.

‘Gold Rush’ Parents Discuss Kids’ Future on Show

While Kevin has found love that will follow him through a trying career, Gold Rush parents Tony and Minni Beets aren’t sure that this will always be their kids’ passion.

In an interview with Monsters & Critics, the two discussed how they would feel if their kids decided to switch career paths.

“You know, I really can’t tell, I can’t speak for my kids,” Minnie shared. “They are all adults right? Right. It’s up to them if they want to continue. And if not, then … well, I can’t speak for them in that regard.”

Tony continued, “If they do, fine. If they don’t, fine. Hopefully, they’ll find it. Hopefully, they find something that they like as much as mining, and perhaps that doesn’t necessarily have to be the mining part, whatever suits them. Right?”