‘Gold Rush’: Minnie and Tony Beets Broke Down Specific Strengths of Monica, Mike and Kevin

by Amy Myers

Growing up around mining equipment isn’t an easy lifestyle. Add some cameras and the Gold Rush fandom to the mix, and it can be just plain chaotic. This is the life of the Beets kids as they patrol the Yukon earth to search for gold. And though their work during the mining season can be difficult, according to their parents, Minnie and Tony, the three are happy to help mom and dad with their operations.

Of course, after years of working together, the siblings have developed their own skillsets and strengths in the field. Each Gold Rush star is essential to the operation in their own ways and makes their parents proud because of that. According to Tony and Minnie, Monica (28), Mike (31) and Kevin (33) all balance each other out.

“Well, Kevin, he is good as a mechanic. He doesn’t let up until he fixes it. Mike, he’s really, really, really good on equipment,” Minnie shared with Monsters and Critics.

Meanwhile, father Tony claimed that their youngest, Monica, often fulfilled the role as the peacekeeper.

“And then Monica …she makes a good match between the two boys, she keeps them all nice and in line sometimes. They make a good group, the three of them,” the Gold Rush dad said.

‘Gold Rush’ Parents Discuss Their Kids Future on the Show and in Mining

Although Tony and Minnie don’t plan on ever retiring, there will come a day when the Beets kids have the choice to carry on their parents’ legacy. According to the couple, they don’t mind if Monica, Mike and Kevin decide to pursue other careers – just so long as they’re happy.

At the moment, though, the Gold Rush stars can’t say whether their kids will stay or go.

“You know, I really can’t tell, I can’t speak for my kids,” Minnie shared. “They are all adults right? Right. It’s up to them if they want to continue. And if not, then … well, I can’t speak for them in that regard.”

Her husband continued, “If they do, fine. If they don’t, fine. Hopefully, they’ll find it. Hopefully, they find something that they like as much as mining, and perhaps that doesn’t necessarily have to be the mining part, whatever suits them. Right?”

Surely, Gold Rush fans would love to see the next generation of Beets take over the gold mining empire in The Great White North. And with what their parents have said about their skills, carrying the legacy should be no problem to the three kids. Not to mention, they all seem to enjoy working with their siblings and parents. No matter what path they choose, though, one thing’s for surer. They Beets kids will always be proud of their family name.