‘Gold Rush’: What’s the Most Surprising Thing Parker Schnabel Unearthed?

by Taylor Cunningham

Parker Schnabel once unearthed a prehistoric treasure while filming for Gold Rush.

The Discovery Channel mine boss has been digging for gold since Gold Rush premiered in 2010. And even before that, he worked for his family’s mining company, which he eventually took over.

So over the decades, the reality star has dug up lots of interesting things, including enough gold to make him worth over $10 million.

But during one dig, Schnabel and his crew found riches of a different sort. Some that date back over 5,000 years.

“We’ve found some mammoth tusks, which was really cool,” Schnabel told The Malestrom. “They’re preserved because they’re ivory and they were buried in the permafrost so the weather doesn’t really get to them. Some of those came out in beautiful shape.”

It’s not entirely uncommon to find mammoth tusks in Alaska. But they’re still quite valuable, and there is a whole industry surrounding them. The tusks are made of ivory. And well-preserved finds can go for over a million dollars apiece.

But despite the price tag, Parker Schnabel opted to keep his exotic treasures.

“I usually keep them,” he revealed. “You’re allowed to sell them. You just need a couple of permits to export them out of the territory, but I think they’re so cool I had to keep them.”

One ‘Gold Rush’ Star Nearly Died in a Truck Crash

The cast and crew of Gold Rush work under some dangerous conditions with the hopes of striking it rich. And in one situation, a member of Rick Ness’s crew pushed the limits so far that it nearly killed her.

During a season 9 episode titled Make it Rain, experienced mine boss Rick Ness raced the weather to excavate a muddy field before it froze over.

But as the hours passed, Ness didn’t think he could finish the job in time. So he called in another truck to help.

By the time the second truck arrived, the field had already begun to ice over. But despite that, both Ness and his crewmate drove recklessly to ensure they didn’t miss their chance to reach the gold.

Eventually, another member of Rick Ness’s team took a short break to strap a GoPro on the second truck. And while she was standing on the side, Ness hit an ice patch and slammed into the vehicle.

When the truck took the impact, the crew member gripped onto the side and eventually lost her grip and fell to the ground.

She immediately went to the hospital and luckily, her injuries were minor. But of course, the situation could have been fatal.

Shaken, Rick Ness called off the excavation. He knew that he would miss out on a lot of money. But he realized the risk no longer outweighed the reward.