‘Gold Rush’ Nearly Loses a Dredge in Intense New Clip

by Jonathan Howard

While any type of mining is going to be risky, the Gold Rush: White Water crews take that to the next level. They could lose everything in the rapids. Including their lives.

This new clip that the Gold Rush Twitter page just shared is going to get your heart racing. Things do not look great as Dustin Hurt and the crew tries to get a dredge set up in the water. The team has a new member, Eric, and he might not be cut out for the work. Staring at those rapids close up can be daunting.

Just as they get the dredge in the water, it twists up. It spins around and gets lodged into the current. The new recruit just isn’t urgent enough to make a difference. The tension and anxiety run high in this clip. Carlos tries to help get everything set straight, but Mother Nature has other plans for the Gold Rush miners. Check it out below.

Hurt tries to coach his guys, but it just doesn’t work out. Eric is too inexperienced to know how to move quickly in the wet and rocky conditions. It isn’t a job for the hesitant. Really, it isn’t a job for 99.9% of the population. When Carlos springs into action, the difference between the rookie and the vet is vast.

Just when you think that they might make progress, a noise rumbles down from the cliffs. Rocks were falling. Then within seconds, an earthquake rocked the mining site. As the cameras shake and capture the impending avalanche of stone and earth, it gets scary. There is no telling what could happen once a cliffside decides to start sloughing off and moving. The Gold Rush miners will need a miracle to come out unscathed it seems.

‘Gold Rush’ Stars Talks Living in Extreme Conditions

If you didn’t know how severe the conditions were on the show before, that clip above shows it perfectly. The guys at Gold Rush: White Water take mining to an extreme setting. In the rapids, with the water raging, one slip could send you down the river. It was clear Eric did not feel comfortable in that position.

Dustin Hurt has talked about the extreme conditions that they face on the show before. He describes the area as “a rainforest,” although not a tropical one, it fits the description. He has said that since he bought the claims years ago, the conditions have only gotten more extreme. The environment has gotten more difficult to work in.

If there are more incidents like the one from the Twitter video, then things could get worse. Gold Rush is all about showing the raw work these miners do. It shows how dangerous the job really is. For Hurt and his team, it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.