‘Gold Rush’: One Star Braves Icy Cold Waters to Make a Crucial Fix

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to Gold Rush, a normal workday is sometimes far from normal. Like when you have to give in freezing waters to save the wash plant.

Being tough and getting things done, that’s what Fred and his crew do like no others. Clint had to recently take a freezing plunge to get the wash plant fixed and the operation back on track. Water is arguably the most important part of the whole operation.

Without water pumping, the dirt doesn’t get processed, and the gold can’t be found. From time to time, each operation has found issues with their wash plant. Something clogs up the pathway—a piece breaks. The dock drifts too far. Anything could happen.

Clint plunged down in the 34-degree water and got to work. He had to strip all the way down and face the elements. While he hooked up some chains to the excavator, things almost got dicey. Being in freezing water for too long can cause hypothermia and a lot of other issues. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

I’ll tell you now, I wouldn’t want to do that. If you’ve ever taken an ice bath, then you know just how painful ice-cold water can be when you plunge your body into it. Your blood slows down to a crawl and you can feel it. Heck, you can’t really think straight either.

This Gold Rush crew made sure to get things done as fast as they could. They did it quickly and made sure to get Clint out of there as fast as possible. While it looked like a tricky situation, it’s good to see they were able to get the chains hooked up and got their guy out of there just in time.

‘Gold Rush’ Parker Schnabel Faces Big Problem

In the latest episode of Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel and the crew did not have an easy time. The Klondike has been good for Schnabel. However, it is clear that he is going to have to move and branch out if he hopes to bring in the gold.

So, now the young mine boss is moving to Alaska in order to find more land. More land means more chances at gold. By the way, Schnabel figures, a lot of that land in the Klondike has been mined clean. But will the new opportunities in Alaska prove worthwhile?

While moving locations helps, there are other ways to get out of a gold drought. So, Parker also invested in some new fancy equipment. How about a sonic drill that digs 1000 feet into the earth all the way to the crust? Yeah, that oughta be good enough. Will it be worth it?