‘Gold Rush’: One Star Once Battled Forest Fires

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Patrick Durand/Sygma via Getty Images)

Viewers of Gold Rush know that the captains come from different walks of life. Did you know that one of them battled forest fires?

It’s true, Outsiders. Let’s get some more details from this article from Looper.

There are some crews and miners who hold some interesting jobs before becoming a gold miner.

A miner from Gold Rush: White Water, Dustin Hurt, had a wilder, more dangerous career path before changing.

Hurt, according to Nemo Power Tools and his biography on Discovery.com, initially started in construction. He installed seawalls in the Louisiana Bayou. But he soon moved on to train and become a wildland firefighter for the California Forest Service.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Moved From Wildfire Work To Helping Father In Collecting Gold

It is a dangerous and even deadly job to have in life.

The Gold Rush star was apparently a hotshot on his crew, often heading straight for blazes. Hurt would be in remote spots for long periods of time. Hurt worked specifically with wildfire suppression tactics. He used tools like chainsaws and axes to create fire breaks to help tame a fire’s intensity.

Then Hurt’s father Fred asked him for help in searching for gold. Dustin said yes. Why? He was ready to try something new.

Hurt has taken to the method of dredging very quickly. He noted that his background in construction and wildland firefighting prepared him for what to do on Gold Rush.

Dustin Hurt, Team Faced Serious Test Heading Into Earlier December Episode

Hurt appears on the spin-off from Gold Rush in Gold Rush: White Water.

Earlier in December, a theme that hits hard between the OG show and its spin-off is just how much desperation becomes a reality.

Gold miners also will consider doing things that they wouldn’t normally do.

Well, Dustin Hurt and his team are going through a rather difficult time with a giant rock in the middle of their stream.

Alaska’s white rapids are not always going to pop up and be kind.

See, Dustin spent hours trying to move a boulder. Does he risk diving into the water while the rock remained?

He chose some type of result.

Make sure you go see the clip from Gold Rush: White Water through its Twitter account.

Parker Schnabel Hits Big-Time Jackpot Thanks To Big Red

In a clip from the most recent episode of Gold Rush, gold mining boss Parker Schnabel and his crew’s misfortunes are turning around with the help of Big Red.

Schnabel decides to move his huge wash plant, Big Red, alongside their sluice machine nicknamed, Sluicifer. This decision paid off in spades.

The wash plant brought in an enormous 470 ounces of gold to give the team a boost towards their goal.