‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel Hits a Major Jackpot With Big Red

by Chris Haney

In a clip from the most recent episode of Gold Rush, gold mining boss Parker Schnabel and his crew’s misfortunes are turning around with the help of Big Red.

The young miner is one of the main stars of the hit Discovery Channel series. He learned the tricks of the trade growing up around his grandfather’s gold mining company. In fact, he’s led a team of miners in the Yukon since graduating high school. The gold mining prodigy is one of the most successful cast members on the reality TV series. So he knows what he’s doing, but even Schnabel has good seasons and bad seasons.

So far in Season 12, the Gold Rush star is trailing behind his goal for his team this year. For reference, the crew is 900-ounces of gold behind compared to what they brought in last year at this time.

“We’re not going to have a successful season unless both wash plants get up and running,” Schnabel says in the episode. “Sluicifer just got moved down to Ken Stewart’s ground, which is good. It’s fired up, it’s sluicing and making money. It’s washing rocks, it’s doing its part. Now it’s just a matter of getting Big Red fired up at the airstrip, and we need to start getting some revenue in.”

Parker decides to move his huge wash plant, Big Red, alongside their sluice machine nicknamed, Sluicifer. Thankfully the decision paid off in spades. Big Red brought in an enormous 470-ounces of gold to give the team a huge boost towards their season’s goal. If Schnabel’s good luck continues, they may be back on track sooner rather than later.

‘Gold Rush’ Explains Why Series Doesn’t Show Much Test Drilling in Later Seasons

Even though Parker Schnabel is only 27 years old, he has a decade of experience as a gold mining boss. Therefore the longtime star of Gold Rush has plenty of insight into the gold mining industry.

Longtime fans of the show probably remember seeing more footage of test drilling during earlier seasons. However, test drilling hasn’t been a focal point in the series for years now even though it’s a vital part of gold mining.

Test drilling is utilized to sample bedrock in possible mining areas to figure out if there’s enough gold in the location to make it worth mining. But since mining crews like Schnabel’s typically test drill in the early days of the season, it often isn’t filmed.

“We still do that. We still do a lot of drilling. It’s a key part of mining,” the Gold Rush star explained to Starcasm. “If you watch Todd Hoffman gold mine, you’ll see why you should probably do a lot of test drilling before you go mining. The reason that it doesn’t make it on the show is that usually, it’s happening a lot of times when we’re not around. Early spring is the best time to drill — March and April. And we’re not always filming then, or we’re just starting up filming.”