‘Gold Rush’: Is Parker Schnabel in a Relationship?

by Amy Myers

Parker Schnabel is the eligible bachelor of Gold Rush, and while the rest of the cast has gladly boasted their better halves, we’ve yet to see if Schnabel has a counterpart of his own recently.

In the past, we’ve seen a couple of women in the Gold Rush star’s life, but have any of them caught hold of his heart? Let’s find out.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Breaks Introduces Ashley Youle to Show

In 2017, we met the first serious girlfriend that the Gold Rush star had in his adult life – Ashley Youle. For a while, the two were smitten with each other, and Youle even made a few appearances on the show. During an interview with Maxim that year, Schnabel expressed his appreciation for his love.

“I don’t think she gets quite enough credit for how well the summer went. She is great to be around, she is great for me, and she is just a really cool chick,” he shared.

The two even spent the holidays with Youle’s family in Australia. They stuck around for a few weeks, catching up on their tans and relaxing under the hot sun. But unfortunately, the honeymoon came to an end when Schnabel struggled to balance work with romance.

During a Season 8 episode, the Gold Rush star shared that he believed that he was responsible for the split.

“As successful as our season was, there was, for me personally, one pretty big failure. Ashley and I broke up. I just never made the relationship a priority, I didn’t make her a priority. And honestly, she deserves a lot better than that,” he admitted.

Then Came Fellow Miner Tyler Mahoney

A couple of years later, in 2020, Schnabel met fellow miner and Aussie Gold Hunters star Tyler Mahoney. The two were only three years apart in age and clearly shared a love for the industry, and the Gold Rush star was single at the time.

So, fans put two and two together and hoped it equaled a steamy romance between the two reality stars. Rumors began to fly, and soon enough, you couldn’t hear Mahoney’s name without hearing Schnabel’s in the same sentence. Eventually, the Aussie Gold Hunters star became fed up with the assumptions. She addressed her relationship with the Gold Rush star and squashed any hopes of an inter-Discovery relationship.

“This is the only Parker question I’m going to answer because I have been inundated with this s—t,” she said during a Q&A session.

“Me and Parker have a very good relationship, we get on very well, we chat regularly. Work-wise, hopefully we do have a work relationship in the future but right now there’s a global pandemic,” she clarified.

As it stands, it seems the only relationships in Schnabel’s life are strictly platonic.