‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel Makes Risky Gamble that Could Pay Off

by Chris Haney

In a clip from a recent episode of Gold Rush, mining boss Parker Schnabel‘s risky $2.5 million gamble has finally started to pay off for he and his crew.

Schnabel comes from a long line of miners, and used to go to dig sites with his grandfather who owned a mining company. He learned the tricks of the trade at a very early age, which has served him well over the years.

In fact, the Alaskan gold miner took over his family’s mine at only 16 years old. He’s so committed to mining that he used his college fund to open his own mining operation not long after, and it immediately paid off. During his rookie season in the Klondike, Schnabel mined a solid 1,029 ounces of gold. That amount is worth around $1.4 million, so an impressive first haul indeed.

Most recently, the Gold Rush star and his crew have been mining the Scribner Creek area. After moving their only wash plant “Big Red,” it seems to be paying off. In a short clip from a new episode, Schnabel and his crew come together to weigh what they’ve found so far. As Chris starts to pour the gold onto the scale, Mitch reads the counter.

By the time Chris taps out the last bit of gold, the crew has gathered 288.9 ounces that’s worth more than $520,000. The crew still has more to do to reach Schnabel’s 1,500-ounce goal, and needed 500 more to get there. Now that they’ve added almost 290 ounces to their total, the crew has only 210 ounces to go.

‘Gold Rush’ Crew Put Lives on the Line Trying to Find Riches

Gold Rush fans know the Klondikes can offer up plenty of riches on the hit Discovery Channel show. But danger comes with the territory as the reality TV stars mine for gold.

In Season 12’s new episode, Parker Schnabel is down to one wash plant. Their enormous piece of mining equipment, Big Red, needs to be moved to a new location on the dig site. The crew moves Big Red to its new location, but there’s an issue. They must level out the machinery’s sluice run.

That’s when Schnabel’s gold mining crew risks their lives to adjust the huge machine. In fact, they only have to move it an inch, but the men must go underneath the machine to do so.

In a clip from the Gold Rush episode, the crew seems to be pleased with their work at first. Then the boss checks out Big Red and shuts the machine down immediately. Schnabel noticed that Big Red’s sluice run is bent, which makes it not work properly. Therefore the crew crawls underneath the gigantic machinery to level it out for more efficient gold extraction. While using a large jack to even it out, it would only take one slip of the jack for disaster to strike. Thankfully, everything seems to go according to plan.