‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel Takes ‘Huge Gamble’ in Thrilling Clip Ahead of Tonight’s New Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush came back for a 12th season last week. And the series is finding Parker Schnabel in a bind while he waits for a payday after taking a huge gamble.

Parker Schnabel is mining harder than ever this year, and he’s hoping to cash in on a major payday. Rumor has it that over 8,000 ounces of gold are waiting to be found. And with today’s rate, that would bring in multi-millions for Schnabel.

However, his team has been digging for two weeks, and they haven’t found any signs of gold. And since people think there is so much money hiding in the area, they all want in on the action. But so far, no one has been able to prove the rumors true.

Gold Rush posted a teaser for tonight’s new episode on Twitter today. And after investing $700K into the dig, Schnabel is starting to get nervous.

“Parker is taking a huge gamble on a new cut that could potentially bring in 8,000 ounces of gold,” wrote the official Twitter page. “With $700K invested, there’s no going back now. #GoldRush is all-new tonight starting at 8P on @Discovery and @discoveryplus.”

“There’s definitely a lot of struggle, ya know. And there’s a war for ground in the klondike,” the mine boss says in the video. “And there’s some breakdowns we’re fighting.”

As for now, Parker Schnabel is hoping to get a better handle on the situation.

“We really need to get a wash plant running here soon, and the only ground close to ready is around the airstrip.”

Parker Schnabel Isn’t the Only Mine Boss Gambling a ‘Whole Lotta Money’ on ‘Gold Rush’

40-year mining veteran Tony Beets is looking to one-up Parker Schnabel’s prospective 8k ounce dig by bringing up 9K ounces. And as he told Outsider, he’s invested a whopping $5 million into the project.

“What we did is we bought a whole lot more equipment,” Beets said. “Everything is bigger this time. More trucks, more this, and more that.”

Beets also spent a good portion of that investment on a water license. A license he hasn’t gotten yet. The Gold Rush star is certain he’ll “come out pretty well” if the license comes through. But if it doesn’t, he will have wasted nearly four decades of earnings for nothing.

“We gambled a whole lotta money on whether or not it’s going to come through,” he continued. “If it does, then I don’t think we’ll have any problems reaching our goal. If not, then we may have just a little bit of trouble.”