‘Gold Rush’: People Apparently Think Parker Schnabel Looks Very Similar to a ‘Star Wars’ Actor

by Taylor Cunningham

Hey Outsiders, take a good long look at Gold Rush mine boss Parker Schnabel. Does he remind you of somebody? Yeah, we see it, too—Kylo Ren.

For those of you who don’t know, Kylo Ren(Adam Driver) is an evil Jedi Padawan supreme leader who appeared in the most recent Star Wars flicks. And if you do a quick google search, you’ll notice that he is a near-exact replica of Parker Schnabel. Really, the only noticeable difference is their hair colors.

Hidden Remotes Erin Qualey couldn’t help but notice the resemblance either. And in a 2016 interview, she couldn’t help but bring up his twin.

“Do people ever tell you that you look like someone?” she asked.

“Kylo Ren from Star Wars,” Schnabel answered. “You’re the third reporter I’ve talked to today who’s said that.”

Qualey mentioned that she had only recently seen a picture of Kylo’s actor Adam Diver, and she immediately thought of Parker Schnabel. So she checked Twitter to see if the comparison was a “thing,” and it was. The topic was trending on social media.

The reporter suggested he meet up with Driver and do an SNL skit one day. And Schnabel said he’s trying to completely master the Jedi look first.

“I’m working on growing my hair so I can slick it back like his,” he said. “Just give me a little time, and I’ll get there.”

What Happened to Carl Rosk on ‘Gold Rush’?

If you’re wondering why Carl Rosk took a Gold Rush hiatus last year, keep reading.

British Columbia native Carl Rosk made his Gold Rush debut in 2015. And he enjoyed a popular spot on the series until he took a long break in 2020 and 2021.

The former professional dirt biker’s exit seemed to come out of nowhere, too. During Season 11, Episode 17, Rosk told the crew that he was leaving Gold Rush but insisted he’d come back at a later date.

And a recent Reddit thread explains his absence. Apparently, The miner had a tumor in his lung, and he had to take a medical leave to seek treatment. And according to one user, Rosk told Gold Rush cameras about his condition in an earlier season.

“The tumor was mentioned a year or two ago in a previous season,” Redditor The-Scotsman said. “This is just surgery to get it removed. It’s a positive thing. They said it didn’t go as quickly as normal, but I’d expect he’ll be fine in the end.”

Another Redditor mentioned that doctors found a second tumor towards the end of season 9.

“He talked about having a tumor on his lung and another on his spine. Season 9, Episode 11, so it’s been with him a while,” PM-Me-Electrical shared.

The good news is the tumors were benign. And his treatment was successful. Because he reappeared this year, and Rosk has starred in 6 of season 12’s episodes.