‘Gold Rush’ Producer Describes Working With Miners

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

One of the most popular reality series currently on television, “Gold Rush” details the search for the shiny, yellow metal.

Appearing to the Discovery Channel, “Gold Rush” takes a look at the hardships miners face as they attempt to unearth large amounts of gold. Mining gold is a difficult task, but if you play your cards right you can strike it rich. If you fail to play your cards right, well, you won’t be in the gold mining business for very long. Gone are the days of using sifting pans to find small traces of gold in a flowing creek. The crews of “Gold Rush” spend millions of dollars on heavy-duty machinery in their gold-digging efforts. A run of good luck can make them millionaires but bad luck can financially sink them to the point of no return. “Gold Rush” shines a light on this risky, but profitable, gold mining industry.

“Gold Rush” producer Ed Gorsuch talked about what it is like to film the reality series in an interview with Reality Blurred. He says the “Gold Rush” filming crew strives to present an authentic look at the unsung mining industry and the risk that the miners take. Gorsuch says his team follows the workers in hopes of catching the best moments. Those best moments often come from the excitement of finding a load of gold.

“I find that with the miners, you go with the flow,” he says. “Whenever we get in the way and try to bring shape to something that doesn’t go with the flow of what they want to do, we fail. The more we can be in sync with them and work with them, the better. The shows are better.”

Fans obviously love the idea as “Gold Rush” is very popular and well-watched.

‘Gold Rush’ Producer Shares How Series is Filmed

Gorsuch says the film crew’s strategy is to “go with the flow,” allowing the miner to dictate the pace. The hope is to get some exciting moments caught on tape in order to draw in viewers.

“They’ll come up with 10 different ideas, and one of them will really stick, hopefully — one will be the thing we’re going to hang a season on,” he says. “That’s the big idea; that’s what we’re going to choose to emphasize. And then it’s the give and take about how do we tell that story with them.”

The end result for “Gold Rush” is a real look into the lives of professional gold miners. Gorsuch says allowing the workers to be themselves and not interfere with their process allows for authenticity. He says through editing they can add structure to the “madness” and put forth a product that many viewers deeply enjoy.

He seems to have certainly accomplished that with “Gold Rush” now in a double-digit number of seasons.